Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BHCCCI Youth Month


This month is our Youth month at the Blessed Hope Christian Community Church, International. Spearheaded by the no-nonsense leadership of Mark Mabanta (BOB – Band of Brothers) and Ms. Julie Ann Tan (F4J – Femmes for Jesus), the young people hopes to convey a message to all that in order for us to move forward serving the Lord faithfully, we must put a “GAME OVER” to all other things that will hinder us in following God. Things like: complacency, compromise, laziness, ungodly activities and deliberate disobedience must stop. Serving God is not a game but a whole hearted commitment. So guys, let’s all join forces and support our Youth month for the glory of God! 

How about the T-shirt printing? Have you given your T’s and pay for the printing? Why not join the campus visitation at MUST, CU, XAVIER, and Puntod National High School? It’s a lot of fun and a blessing to your Christian life too! And hey, join us also in the presentations for the coming Youth Sunday. Just contact Joshua, Johanna, the Jackie’s (May2x and Dak2x), Lloyd, Yan, Jonathan, IJ, Jet2x, Robert, Keena, Apple, Macon, Karren and all other youth leaders for updates. Let’s quit playing with God and go down to serious yet fun and blissful service to Him. Go, go, go guys. The church leadership is backing you up. God bless you BOB and F4J!


july_blogista said...

nakssss.. I Looove this post pas!hehehe!
Hmmmm very good idea of a promotion too for the youth month! Why didn't I think of that? hehehe!
Thanks pas for this post. Indeed, it has a lot of reminders for us nOt to quit in God's service and putting the Game Over to our arch enemy! :)
Let's all rock for Jesus! :)

ARJAY said...

ohhhh....i love my hair....hahahah...