Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking for cheap Business Cards?

What’s important with a piece of paper around two inches by 3 inches in measurement? It does a lot if you know how to use it properly! It can mean an increase in product sale, a new acquaintance, an additional client number for future referrals and many more! Yes, business cards are commodities of today especially in the business world. Even political figures, church ministers, teachers, independent writers, and business entrepreneurs can attest to the importance of this small piece of paper.

When I was given the chance to attend a Mission exposure in Indonesia, one thing I noticed after the last service we had with the parents, elders, pastors and church members are the exchanging of business cards to maintain contact and communication with friends and expand our network for future mission exposures. I for one received at least six business cards from my friends during the two-week missionary work in Jogja, and Bandung, Jakarta. I felt its importance since I need to be in touched with those friends too. I might as well find a cheap business card printing printing and order at least a hundred pieces. You just do not know when an opportunity knocks and you must be ready to hand that piece of card to somebody.



here in the states offers free calling cards up to 100pcs. and other cute item like magnetic calendar and just need to pay the shipping. so, if you order or avail their free stuff do it all at one time to pay the shipping at one time as well.