Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking for a karate Kid Costume?

Yes! We all enjoyed that movie! Karate Kid...and what a remake it was! Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith did a superb team-up in that movie. It was a mix of drama, thriller, love story, comedy, and of course action rolled into one. For me, it was like walking back the memory lane when I first saw the Karate Kid movie. For my son, it was a different experience for him. He felt the pressure of a teenager portrayed by Jaden. Having transferred to a new school himself. My daughter and my wife shared a light moment during the kissing scene by the young actors. They both giggled at it.

Remembering the movie we saw, I have this idea to present a special number for our coming program for the the kids. We have been doing a Weekly children school for the poor but deserving kids in our area and we want them to have the best time of their lives during their graduation. And what I mean with this special number is to let them see a real boy portraying the Karate Kid with of course a Karate Kid Costumes. Or maybe present a number with boys wearing Karate Kid costumes with me acting as Jackie Chan! I think that would be fun! LOL!


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