Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My dream Laptop at AyosDito.ph

Aaahhh…those cheap laptops are just getting my attention now. For quite a long time, I’ve been dreaming of having one even if it’s a second hand unit. With my schedule of lectures piling up, I felt the need of having one workable laptop to prepare in advance all my lecture data, which come in handy, if ever I have one. Going window-shopping at the computer shops with my wife would only strengthen my desire to buy those displayed brand new ones. However, I have to consider our budget too. A new one today with all those needed stuff and with the right specs will cost us at least P27, 000.00 and that’s quite expensive for me to consider.

We’ll, I just consoled myself to waiting for the right time when we can set aside enough money to buy a new one. Maybe a year or two, that laptop model I want would have a lesser price then. That’s when I thought of finding a site where second hand laptops are for sale online. Here in the Philippines, one of the most notable website when it comes to that is AyosDito.ph. That is where you can see me browsing and searching for a possible buy & sell items especially cheap laptops and other items worth my investment! You can try this at home and you will be amazed seeing those for sale items from Farm lots, gadgets, mountain bikes, cell phones, cheap laptops… to just anything at a lesser price, plus your assurance of the right item delivered to you. Visit AyosDito.ph now. For me, it’s the online buy and sell authority here in our place.