Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unforgettable Experience

Accidents do happen. Playing with my friends in a carefree way , running and fooling around on a road filled with crushed gravel wasn’t really a good idea. I slipped and banged my head on a sharp stone. I was in shocked feeling the blood trickled from my forehead. I collapsed a moment later and did not know what happened after wards. When I woke up my forehead was bandaged and my Dad told me that the doctor have to do a minor stitching to close the wound.

As of this writing, I can still feel the big scar due to that accident. I am thinking of undergoing a scar removal to erase it. When people would ask about this scar, I would simply say “its a part of fashion” . How I wish I could afford a Scar removal procedure. Here in our place it would cost much. And I would have to bear this mark on the positive note. Letting me remember of the goodness of God in my life. Better to have a scar on my forehead and be alive than without s scar and be dead... Lol!



you don't need to get a scar removal...there's a cream for it.