Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Public Must Know

Twelve supplements that could hurt you! This is the headline of Yahoo today, August 4,2010. Being a lover of dietary supplements ( I have just taken 2 this morning) I was intrigued with the headline and immediately read the article. I was shocked to know that consumers might not realize that some supplement manufacturers legally sell their products without first having to demonstrate it publicly if they’re safe and effective. Ooopppss… the supplement marketplace is not at all harmless as it should be.

Talking about supplements and medicines, have you heard about Saridon? It is a pain killer that is popular in Visayas and Mindanao due to its affordable price. There are published warnings about the products from various newspaper columnist stating that Saridon is unsafe because of its previous formula containing phenacetin and its new formulation propyphenazone that can have a negative side-effects to those who take it. Saridon has actually been yanked from the US market in 1983. It was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration after it was found to be cancer-inducing.
Why was the product circulated only in some parts of the country? That will surely create doubts in the mind of the consumers. I read of a columnist from the Visayas named Ped Xing from Journal Online who was outraged by the way his kababayans are being used as lab rats or guinea pigs by the makers of the said pain killer.

Public health and safety is the responsibility of the government… I guess it’s time for the Department of Health to investigate and address this issue the soonest possible time. I tried to Google  Saridon  today to get the attention of the Saridon manufacturer and know their side of the story but sad to say I didn't find any corporate website to back its authenticity or at least provide sufficient information regarding their product.

I would like to stress this point..THE PUBLIC HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. Pharmaceuticals should be honest in endorsing their products with correct data, enough product testing and public information so as not to mislead people into buying their merchandise to the demise of the consumers. Their online internet visibility is a must!