Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Essay about PEACE

Below is the Essay I made for my Son's speech in school. This piece is timely as the world commemorate today 9/11 tragedy.


It’s still vivid in my mind the words the choir sang...”Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me...” I begun to contemplate on this as I focused my mind on the recent events that affected my country, even my beloved Island, my birthplace, Mindanaao. Peace can be sometimes so elusive to those who seek its refuge.

But this question kept on nagging me as I attempt to put words to this writing. How can I make peace alive in my world? Let me begin by expressing my simple belief and thought of how can I possibly be an active catalyst of peace in my own world. Why not begin with myself? Yes, me. Let me be that somebody who will be wise enough to make peace first with myself, who I am, my race, my belief, my future and impart it to somone else, one person at a time. This may be a tedious task if I attempt to look at the big picture, but I believe I can make a difference with just a simple step of being at peace with myself first, then my family, my neighbor, my community and eventually my country.

I also believe that understanding one’s differences play a very important role in peace building. I will actively involve myself in worthy causes to better understand the different cultural, spiritual and religious barriers of my friends. What better place for me to begin than in my home and school? I will not be a judge to the color of their skin nor their belief which might be different with mine but rather give them due respect they so deserved.
I will treat my friends and neighbors as equal. Popular thoughts dictate that those who have the Guns, the Goons and the Gold rule. But that will not surely contribute to peace among men. Yes, let it begin with me, the outlook of seeing my fellowmen as equal as God sees them in His eyes. It is there where I can begin to appreciate their uniqueness rather than focus on their differences. Living in harmony with everyone, I believe, is one simple step I must take and let it be my solemn vow to live it and love it.

And how about giving a little love everyday? Simple gestures of kindness coupled with love can go a long, long way. This world we live in is full of hatred, anger and animosity. I will not be a part of it. I will live a life that expresses genuine care, acceptance, and love to my family, friends, neighbors and even strangers too. Will it mean something? yes, I believe so! Love makes this world go round. Love erases all the prejudices men surround themselves toward others. How can peace be so real and alive if everyone hate each other? No matter how it would be expressed, love is a universal language men can understand. It breaks all barriers that divide men and instead, it builds bridges so we can live in peace and harmony.

I will try my very best to be active in everything I wrote on this piece of paper. For me, peace is not just a word. It is living, it breathes, it acts, it’s in me. Let there be peace in my world, let it begin with me.