Saturday, September 4, 2010

Get Rid of Athlete's foot with Lamisil in 7 days!

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I must admit it, I had athlete's foot when I was in college. Our school was constructed in a swampy area and so when it rains the water level rises up to knee level. I struggled so hard in getting rid of it. The itching and burning sensation were very uncomfortable and annoying . I have tried almost anything, all the products out there- from home remedies , all natural to synthetic medicine but they all worked for few days only. My athlete’s food even hindered me in going to some outdoor activities like sports and camping . 

Thanks to my mom’s friend who recommended Lamisil to me. For a matter of one week application my athlete’s foot was cured. I was overwhelmed with the result that I spread the good news to my classmates you were suffering the same. Lamisil is the first major treatment advance in the Over-the-counter athlete's foot category in 50 years. Imagine 50 years of helping people infected with this disease.

That was 20 years ago but until now I am still recommending this foot treatment to friends and relatives. Yes!. Rainy days are here again…. So beware of this fungus. Watch the video below and spread the news .

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