Saturday, September 4, 2010

NMEDA : Caregiver's Helpmate

As I am writing this post, I am in CUMC Hospital taking of my mother who was admitted due to Amoebiasis and low potassium count. I have only 2 siblings , one now lives in California and the other in Manila. So I am the only one left to take care of my sock mother. When she was rushed to the hospital last Friday her housemaid struggled to get her inside the taxi.

How I wish exist in our country. What is NMEDA ? It is a non-profit trade organization that offers a personalized service to people with disability to meet their specific needs specially with transport. NMEDA does not sell anything but the only association that promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people. Their members are required to adhere to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NMEDA dealers (members) are the ones who sell handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people.
My sister in California who works in a hospital said that most of the wheelchairs in the US are personalized believing that no two people with a disability are exactly the same… there is where NMEDA fit it. They have Dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. It is based on the principle that in order to satisfy customers consistently, companies must have a systematic and documented approach to quality.

It’s tough to be a caregiver as per experiences relayed by my sister but it is made easier because of NMEDA qualified dealer assistance.They help the elderly or disabled get back onto the road of independence.


Keith said...

Since I live in California, I know a bit about this situation, and I am in a wheelchair. My chair has a standard speed adjustment. the legs extend outward, and the chair tilts backward.

In addition, my body was measured and weighed. It truly was built just for me and my disability.

Because the vast majorityn of these chairs are purchased with medical insurance, the prices are enormous.

if i am to believe the vendor, my chair could cost around 14, 000 USD (700,000 Php)