Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas spells JESUS LOVES YOU!

“People making lists, buing special gifts...It’s the time of year when good friends are here...” those words from a very popular Christmas song by Michael Jackson always bring nostalgia to me whenever I hear it. Yes, Christmas is around the corner. Here in our place, whenever we arrive on the calendar months that ends with “ber”, you can already hear Christmas songs and jingles played in radio stations, department stores, and TV ads. The “ber” months here as we commonly called it, signifies the start of the Christmas season. And people here are literally making lists and buying special gifts as early as the month of October! LOL! My mother, my dear mom, always see to it that she can buy gifts for all her friends as early as this month. Last week, we accompanied her in buying gifts for her co-workers. She wants to avoid the Christmas rush and last minutes buys that usually happens to many.

As for our family, we have already started to make a list and little by little scouted for items or gifts to buy for our love ones, relatives, “inaanaks”, and friends too. For those living far away, we would prefer to give them Holiday Cards with thoughts of love and of course a picture of baby Jesus to remind our friends the real meaning of Christmas. Yes gifts can add joy and excitement but there’s no greater meaning and significanc of Christmas than the Love of God to humankind and because of this, He gave His Only begotten Son. Christmas spells – J-E-S-U-S L-O-V-E-S Y-O-U!