Monday, November 29, 2010

PS3 as Motivation

This is one thing my son keeps on reminding me, our promised PS3 for him. Yes, since getting a full scholarship at school and working hard to maintain his grades, my son asked us this gift which he wants to own. Some of his friends and classmates have their own and he wants to have one too.

Well I told him it would not be a problem as long he does what’s right for his studies. He knows that we as his parents want the best for him and we don’t want to make any promises that we can’t keep. Yap, surely coming summer we would buy one but of course, it would be used with great care and with responsibility on his side too.

Red Telephone Booth

BHCCCI Silver Anniversary

We have just finalized all the necessary data for the 25th year Anniversary and Thanksgiving celebration of our church. We are all looking forward with excitement to the different activities lined during this special event. We would expect visitors from as far as Europe, the United States, Middle East, Asia and the Philippines. 

One important agenda of that meeting was the discussion for the invitations and sponsorship letters for our Souvenir programs. We all agreed that part of bringing the excitement to our brethren abroad is to give them promotional keychains together with the invitation letters.

We want this event to be as grand as it should be with different highlights during the one week prior to the Thanksgiving Day. We would have medical missions and feeding programs for the less fortunate people in our community. My family and I myself are full of anticipation just knowing that we would be part of this big event.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekend Reflection & Shadow Sunday

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Biking and the best Vitamins for Men

I’m a biking enthusiast. Since stepping on a pedal and riding my bike, I’ve been simply fallen in love with it. But the truth is there are those dreary days when your heart says yes to bike but your body simply says no! You have to struggle feeling drained of energy. I decided to buy a supplement to supply me with energy for my strenuous exercise. But there’s still this nagging question in my mind…What’s the best vitamins for men ?

I usually spend up to three hours mountain biking and I have to be sure to sustain my body with enough energy during those punishing uphill climbs. What’s more, I have to beat my personal best every time I go mountain biking.

Save The Date Cards!

It’s Christmas time! That’s what I heard from a commercial about a certain brand of food. It also reminds me of this exciting time of the year where one has to think of buying gifts in advance. Mall sales are everywhere and my wife is starting to get busy in buying gift items for our family and our love ones. And as for me? Well, I’m thinking of making a unique Christmas card for all of them and put a very personal touch to it. I would write a sweet and touching message from my heart.

And not only during Christmas season that I’m doing this. I love writing and I’ve been doing it for my wife too. Special or no occasions, personal cards with a personal message is still the best for me. And I’m thinking of those save the date cards I’ve read through the net. The idea is great and I’d love to do it for my love one too.

Shoot Me : With my Core Group

My Core group in the Children Ministry at Macanhan, Cagayan  de Oro City

Teenage Stage

We’ve been through a fight with the acne problem of our teenage boy. It’s not quiet that serious but as concerned parents, we want to see our boy having nothing to struggle about acne problem. He’s a bit conscious of his looks nowadays and he would almost complain to us if he doesn’t like his haircut. We understand his predicament since we passed the teenage stage too. We have to buy facial products that may help reduce his acne and give him a clearer face.

Added to this acne problem, we noticed blackheads on nose of our youngster. Squeezing them out will give him much problem and pain. We decided to consult a dermatologist to take care of this problem. And this time, we hope to get better results and a clearer face for our young man.

Arthritis at 40?

Arthritis, my grandpa suffered and I have to witness it daily as me and my two sisters took care of him during his old days. They say that life begins at 40, but I noticed that my sight started to get blurry and there are instances where I felt pain on my knees after those strenuous biking exercise. Am I getting arthritis just like my grandpa? Wheeww! Life indeed have its share of surprises as you get older.

Writing this article reminds me of consulting a doctor with regards to the proper treatment for arthritis and what must I do to prevent if not to get rid of it. I don’t want to grow old having to struggle standing or walking because of arthritis.

I won in Online Auction !

Ahhh… Ahhh… online auction! I did it once and I almost won the bid price if not for that somebody who beat me. It’s quite amazing for me as a first timer to place a bid online and it was for a digital camera that I’ve been dreaming to have. My wife and I decided to buy a brand new one but I thought that to buy one in an online sale would be cheaper and better.

I would like to make another try and bid for an auctioned item online. And I would like to be sure this time that I will get the item I want. I’m thinking of placing a bid on watches, bags and other accessories. Have you tried online auction?

At Home with Motorhome

Our car is quite a reliable one. It’s been with us for almost five years now and I have to be honest that we spent a lot for it from spare parts replacements to minor engine repairs. It’s a 1996 Nissan model and it’s still very functional. Though we have to save some extra cash in case our car broke down or its engine malfunctioned, I am still very grateful that we have one faithful friend we can rely in times of need. That’s our old car.

What I have in mind is the idea of having a motorhome repairs here in our place. It would be a very convenient thing for a car owner like me to have a peace of mind knowing that whatever is the need of his ride, it would be taken care of by a reliable insurance company.

Insurance for your iphone

Yes iPhones are the in thing in today’s corporate world. Even the young generation is catching up. You just have to be in a shopping mall and there you could see college students even high schoolers showing off their iPhones to their friends and classmates. I bet their parents can afford it for them. With the price of one unit that usually costs quadruple the amount you pay for a good phone, one would be foolish enough not to be very careful in taking care of their iPhones.

A friend of mine who just came back from a study grant in Australia bought an iPhone unit and at the same time with it is an iphone insurance . He told me that was a wise decision for him to get one since he wants his unit to be protected. Well I’m sure he did the right thing too.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday : Shop Until You Drop

My wife reminded me today that we have barely 30 days before Christmas. How time flies so swiftly. It seemed like yesterday and now the year 2010 is about to end. Yet is will not be without a bang! This month will be an exciting one before the much awaited December month. Why? Tomorrow is Black Friday and it means, people lining up in shopping malls for the mall wide sale. From the appliances, to the dry goods and accessories, you can expect big, big discounts! It’s something like “shop until you drop”.

Yes, it would be a time for people to buy their needs and wants with a bite off the prices. And wheeww, I hope my sister would find a time to go to the mall and buy gifts for us. I personally asked her to buy me a Mountain bike, bags and shoes for the kids and sandals for my dear wife.

Save a lot with Cyber Monday

Technology indeed comes a long, long way in providing a better life for all of us. Doing our shopping in the convenience of  our home is indeed a big plus.  It saves  us time, effort and money. In the U.S. they have this Black Friday and coming November 29, 2010 is Cyber Monday. How I wish this mallw-wide sale on Black Friday and online discounts on Cyber Monday are available in our country. Me and my wife would be saving a lot of money through it .

Monday, November 22, 2010

The yourh is the Hope of our Motherland!

It’s one of the more popular saying of our National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. It’s really worth a serious thought as we look at the trends going on among the young generation today. Drug Addiction, pre-marital sex, pornography, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, teen suicide, juvinile delinquency, vices, rebellion and many more are evils in the society that’s affecting a large number of our young people today. You see it from T.V., read it from newspapers and magazines, hear it from radios the growing problem the society is facing today with regards to the moral decline and degredation this generation suffers.

If we want to see the dawning of a new beginning of our nation, then we must do something to preserve our of youth today, now! The family must be united in fighting these maladies that are eating the future of our society. The community must do its responsibilities to be an active agent of change, supporting activities that promote principled leadership among the youth, and empower them to be bold in their standard of saying “NO!” to anything that poses a danger to their dreams and aspirations. The government too must be a stalwart of integrity, honesty and change so our society can be assured that we are preserving the future and the hope of our motherland. Let’s join hands and work together to realize all these.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Scene

Weekend Reflections

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skywatch & LASOF Friday

While on vacation in the Province of Negros

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gain traffic through WebVisible,Inc.

“Website visibility must be the site owner’s priority”... this is what I always heard from other bloggers. But how can we make our website gain more visitors without exerting much time in front of the PC? A friend recommended   WebVisible it for me. He said WebVisible Enhances Online Advertising Platform, Helping Small Biz Attract Consumers via Broader Online Presence. I hope to visit the site tomorrow and learn more on the services they offer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nurses... Nurses... Nurses...

It’s quite confusing when you read two contrasting facts about our country’s health infrastructure. The World Health Organization (WHO) officials cited t as a grim picture and a serious situation for the Philippines. They said that we are losing at least 15,000 nurses and other medical professionals every year due to a mass labor exodus of Filipino overseas workers where many of them are seeking a greener pasture in another country. The United States, Europe and lately Australia are the main destination of our health workers abroad. A better pay and bigger compensations are the reason why many of them decided to live their families here. It is estimated that 85% of the country’s nurses left the country where four in ten people survived on two dollars a day or less.

On the other hand, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), we are producing around 200,000 nursing graduates every year. And that there is a surplus of nurses who are jobless in the Philippines. Which is which? What’s really the truth? I’m a bit worried since I have friends here in our place where they are still seeking for a job after passing the Nursing Board exam and there are still some of them who are studying. Will they be assured to land a stable job here in our place or will they be part of the mass exodus of health workers abroad?

Knife Sets as Wedding Gifts?

Don't you know that knife sets are  favorite gift when it comes to weddings and engagements in the western countries?But not in the Philippines! Gift a couple with  knife sets as a wedding gift then surely you will received criticism. It's like saying " Getting Married is  Suicide !".

Wordless Wednesday & Watery Wednesday

Must See : Manny Pacquiao Singing Bisaya Song


Monday, November 15, 2010

RT : Carlsberg

Thanks Borhter Hector  Rosal  for this T-shirt imported from  London

Music to your Soul

“Music is the language of the soul”, many knew that saying, and many forget that too. I’ve been totally in love with music since I’ve learned to speak. My mom would sing us lullabies when we were still young together with my two sisters. I was born in a family of musicians. My grandpa and grandma from my mother side were known musicians and art lover during their time. My mother is not only a Music teacher and composer; she’s also a prolific painter having staged her art display and exhibition at the age of 70. We’ll that just a little background so I can at least justify my love for music…hehehehe.

At the age of 7, I and my sisters were taught to play piano. Summer nights and special occasions would be something we would look forward to since we will be the stars of our family gatherings. My dad would let us (three kids) render songs, even dances to the delight of our family and friends. My sister (she’s the one who enrolled in a formal music class), would play musical pieces by Beethoven, Bach and many other well piano virtuosos. Me and my young sister would sing. We all would enjoy it very much. Now that we are all grown up and have our separate lives, we see to it that every time we gather together, we would play the old songs and just love every moment of it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Team Pacquiao

Congratulations to  Manny Pacquiao for   his 8th Belt. You made all the Filipinos proud of you.Truly you're the World's pound for pound   boxing kind. Waiting for the much awaited bout with Mayweather!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


It’s been four (4) months now since we started our Weekly Children’s Bible Study (WCBS) for the nine Lighthouses in our city. We targeted the unfortunate children in our locality to be able to learn biblical and practical values they could apply in their homes. We did this every Saturday morning. We would be glad to see those kids with the excitement in their eyes as they happily take part in every part of the program we prepared for them. We have to practice new songs, dances and memory verses every week. We also have games, drawings, dramas, arts and of course a free snacks for them. Not only that, we also invited the kids’ parents to participate and get involved in our weekly activities. It’s really a fun way to learn for the kids and also for their parents.

My heart really goes for all of these kids. Not only their willingness and gusto to participate in every activity that excites me, but it’s the idea of being able to take care of the future leaders of our nation. Yes, I believe among these kids will be our future city mayor, councilors, congressman and even maybe our senator or president! We can never know or predict the future right? All we have to do today is to be an instrument to reach out to these kids and teach them the right values they can bring when they grow old and live their own lives. Whether they will be a simple civilian in a society, or a high ranking official, the precious lessons we teach them each week would remind them to do what’s right and the Bible lessons could be their guide in life. In whatever way you can, let’s join hands and take care of our children, and take care of our future too.


Emmanuel Pacquiao. That would seem to be nothing to anybody. But when I would say or write the name Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, that’s different! This person’s achievement is phenomenal in boxing history. The only boxer to hold seven different championship belts in seven different weight divisions! Wow, amazing! Not only that, he’s also a Congressman and a much loved icon here in our place. He’s a hero and an inspiration to all of us not just because of his exploits in boxing but also for his resilience in overcoming the obstacles in his hard life to rise above and excel in his victories.

Coming November 13, the world stops to watch his fight with yet another good fighter, much taller than himself. This would be another milestone, a history non other in boxing…an eighth championship belt for him. It’s a David versus Goliath episode of a fight! Manny stands only 5’6” while his opponent Antonio Margarito stands at 5’11”. This would surely be one of his most challenging fights ever. It would bring the house down as promoters of this fight would like to bring in 70,000 spectators to the Cowboy’s stadium in Texas. My prayers and to both fighters this coming November 13. And as for me, I would surely be for Manny Pacquiao. Not because he’s the best fighter in the world of boxing today, but that he’s humble enough to thank God every time he wins a match. And of course, just ask his neighbors and friends back home in General Santos city and you would surely know and appreciate more this guy. God bless you Manny on your fight! Bring home the bacon, honor and pride for the millions of Filipinos and for your country.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Province of Oriental Negros

Our 5-day Vacation  in the Province of Oriental Negros was such a refreshing time
to bond with nature!