Thursday, November 11, 2010


Emmanuel Pacquiao. That would seem to be nothing to anybody. But when I would say or write the name Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, that’s different! This person’s achievement is phenomenal in boxing history. The only boxer to hold seven different championship belts in seven different weight divisions! Wow, amazing! Not only that, he’s also a Congressman and a much loved icon here in our place. He’s a hero and an inspiration to all of us not just because of his exploits in boxing but also for his resilience in overcoming the obstacles in his hard life to rise above and excel in his victories.

Coming November 13, the world stops to watch his fight with yet another good fighter, much taller than himself. This would be another milestone, a history non other in boxing…an eighth championship belt for him. It’s a David versus Goliath episode of a fight! Manny stands only 5’6” while his opponent Antonio Margarito stands at 5’11”. This would surely be one of his most challenging fights ever. It would bring the house down as promoters of this fight would like to bring in 70,000 spectators to the Cowboy’s stadium in Texas. My prayers and to both fighters this coming November 13. And as for me, I would surely be for Manny Pacquiao. Not because he’s the best fighter in the world of boxing today, but that he’s humble enough to thank God every time he wins a match. And of course, just ask his neighbors and friends back home in General Santos city and you would surely know and appreciate more this guy. God bless you Manny on your fight! Bring home the bacon, honor and pride for the millions of Filipinos and for your country.