Thursday, November 25, 2010

Save The Date Cards!

It’s Christmas time! That’s what I heard from a commercial about a certain brand of food. It also reminds me of this exciting time of the year where one has to think of buying gifts in advance. Mall sales are everywhere and my wife is starting to get busy in buying gift items for our family and our love ones. And as for me? Well, I’m thinking of making a unique Christmas card for all of them and put a very personal touch to it. I would write a sweet and touching message from my heart.

And not only during Christmas season that I’m doing this. I love writing and I’ve been doing it for my wife too. Special or no occasions, personal cards with a personal message is still the best for me. And I’m thinking of those save the date cards I’ve read through the net. The idea is great and I’d love to do it for my love one too.