Thursday, November 11, 2010


It’s been four (4) months now since we started our Weekly Children’s Bible Study (WCBS) for the nine Lighthouses in our city. We targeted the unfortunate children in our locality to be able to learn biblical and practical values they could apply in their homes. We did this every Saturday morning. We would be glad to see those kids with the excitement in their eyes as they happily take part in every part of the program we prepared for them. We have to practice new songs, dances and memory verses every week. We also have games, drawings, dramas, arts and of course a free snacks for them. Not only that, we also invited the kids’ parents to participate and get involved in our weekly activities. It’s really a fun way to learn for the kids and also for their parents.

My heart really goes for all of these kids. Not only their willingness and gusto to participate in every activity that excites me, but it’s the idea of being able to take care of the future leaders of our nation. Yes, I believe among these kids will be our future city mayor, councilors, congressman and even maybe our senator or president! We can never know or predict the future right? All we have to do today is to be an instrument to reach out to these kids and teach them the right values they can bring when they grow old and live their own lives. Whether they will be a simple civilian in a society, or a high ranking official, the precious lessons we teach them each week would remind them to do what’s right and the Bible lessons could be their guide in life. In whatever way you can, let’s join hands and take care of our children, and take care of our future too.