Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hey I'm a believer now!

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... I'll give it a try! I've tried many bottled juice drinks and it's the same artificial flavor you got. But, hey, why not try this one? Man, I was really taken by surprise! This is something different!

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added. So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED! That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens! Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... told my wife about it and decided to buy 3 bottles and let our chosy kid taste it, and wow! they simply love that orangey, pulpy taste of Minute maid.

So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good, right? Not just because it doesn’t have those icky, harmful ingredients, but it also means... it's completely a healthy drink for our whole family! I'm a health buff and I believe I hit a bullseye on this. Minute maid pulpy would be my drink whenever I'm mountain biking, my kids' drink for their recess and also for my wife.

So far anyone who still has a hard time believing that Minute Maid has got no preservatives added - meaning it's THAT natural, it's almost like it's plucked straight from the tree, it's just as Mother Nature wanted your orange juice to be, it's got nothing but the good stuff yes, none of those potentially toxic stuff that can harm your brain, kidneys, heart; cause tumors aargh- the list of preservatives' bad effects just go on!!! Anyway, just to prove a point on just how good Minute Maid Pulpy is 'cause it's got NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED, I'm gonna be the gospel bearer of Minute Maid pulpy orange juice. I'll tell all my church mates, friends, family and relatives about this pulpy, orange good news! wow!

Feels good to know about the real pulpy deal, right? C’mon show me a smile on the comment box, and you might win yourself a Really Pulpy Deal! (That’s a chance to win a Minute Maid gift pack simply by commenting. Sweet! C'mon you just might be picked as the lucky 'commentor'!)



P.S. you've got to taste it to believe it! I'm a believer now! Thanks Maam Janet Toral for the Info.


iamAPv said...

goodluck to us. Hope you can comment also on my entry :)


joi said...

definitely full of pulps!