Monday, February 28, 2011

Will she faint?

It is still the love month( although it’s the last day of February) but let me share to you my Valentine Gift for my wife. It’s the latest additional to the GE Digital Camera collection. GE X5 features that I love most is its 15x digital/optical zoom , 14.2 MP and other features found in a DLSR . My wife was jumping with joy upon seeing it . I just wondered what will be her reaction when If I give her diamond stud earrings . Will she faint?

BM : Tablet PC

Planning to buy this Tablet PC.

Smiling Sally

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girls are Girls!

My wife loves to make photobooks for our kids. Last night while me and my son were watching DVD, she and my daughter were busy also re-arranging their photo album. Now she is planning to re-invent the old albums into something through photo books or scrap books.  Girls and Girls indeed!

House Renovation

Lately me and my wife were busy browsing the internet for home renovation designs. After some minor home improvement ( painting and tiling) , we decided to extend our house with a second floor. We have visited sites with various new homes designs but until now, we still can not make up our mind what design to implement. A design that will fit our budget.

Reward for our Kids

Yes , family holidays are one thing our kids are looking up to . Just like what I have mentioned in my previous post, we are going to Manila , then to Clark and Baguio for a Family Vacation. For the whole school year ( June to March) the kids are doing their best. The trip is our way to thank and reward them. Praying for more financial blessing.

The Tent

Our Family Vacation

Travel Money .... this is what we are saving right now for our family vacation at the end of March. This trip is our gift to our kids for making good in school. Thank God our son who is an academic scholar maintained his scholarship. Our 4th grader daughter is also doing good in school.  As of now, my wife is busy browsing the internet to look for our hotel accommodation   that's near the  theme parks and other place we will visit. Thank you Lord for this family vacation.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My son just finished his project.I am so proud with his work so I posted it here for word-ful  Wednesday

Happy Birthday Bubbles

Our Puppy is now a Doggy! Bubbles  turned one  year today. Me and my  hubby was amused  with our kids since  they saved the birthday cake of my mom last Sunday  for  our dog today. If pet friendly holidays are available in our country then we surely have brought Bubbles there.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Bubbles!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mommy's Birthday

My connection is snail pace... I was able to load one picture only.Is is because of the rain? Oopppsss what happen to the pic.. stretch upward!

T-shirt Printing

Thanks to Ms. Julie Ann for the design of TLW T-shirt.
Make good with your Nursing Job in Initao, Mis. Or.

Rainy and Wet Season

Climate Change! This is one issue that need to be addressed globally.  I heard form the new that the Philippines will have a rainy summer.Oh so that means we will have  two season this 2011... Rainy and Wet Season! Lol! If this is the case, we need to change our window curtain  from the conventional to venetian blinds for weather insulation purposes.

Catering Services

Our Church 25th Thanksgiving Celebration Committee are now busy for our BIG DAY this coming August 21,2011. Brethren from the Philippines and other part of the world are coming to celebrate God's Faithfulness. The one week program includes 3 day Medical Mission , Leader's Conference, Revival night and many more. As of now we are looking for Self Catering Holiday Food Caterer to provide for  the meals of those who will stay inside the church. Any Idea here in CDO?

My Homebody Mommy

My mom is a homebody in spite of all her busy schedules as a School administrator. She always see to it that our house clean and in order. Every month, my mom would challenge us to a home re-arrangement and she would tell us to re-arrange the dining set, the sala set and all those cabinets and tables so we would have a different setting of our home.

Not only that, my mom would check the upholstery fabric of all our chairs (sala set, dining set and corner set) so she could replace the old ones with new fabric designs. That was one thing I always admire my mom. She does not give a half-hearted commitment when it comes to beautifying our home. And she does it very well that we all want to emulate what she taught us.

Weight Loss? Discipline yourself....

I have mentioned with my previous articles about my battle with the bulge that it took me a determined spirit to win the fight. Not just to mention discipline and resourcefulness along with doing all the weekly exercise routines. Yes, I said resourcefulness since I have schedules in my work that allow me to travel for some speaking engagements and I find it hard to any outdoor exercises.

I resorted to finding the best diet pills in the market to take so I could still be on top shape in spite seven days of not working out. My friends recommended several effective supplements for me but as soon as I arrive home, I would go on again with my regular exercise and discipline.

The Glass Mosaic Tiles 37 years ago

It’s as if I’m walking the memory lane again. I’m seeing myself with my dad, mom, and two sisters kneeling down in earnest prayer as we attended a Holy Mass. That was 37 years ago. While my dad and mom would say their silent prayers, my eyes would be fixed like in a trance on the glass mosaic tiles in the church’s interior walls. It seemed to draw myself to its designs and colors like magic.

Those were the years I remember when writing this article. Yes, even today, I would still be mesmerized by the beauty of those glass tiles. I would love to someday include it in our home design when we will build our new house next year.

A Pinoy Lakers Fan


Those stubborn belly fats....

Those stubborn belly fats would just don’t simply go away. I’ve learned it the hard way. One day, I found myself weighing 186 pounds and with my height of only five feet and three inches. Man! That was very bad. I mean, I was punishing my body with all those good stuff and sedentary lifestyle. I felt like I’m bloating! And those belly fat! I realized it when me and my wife decided to buy a new pair of pants and we had a hard time finding those that fits me well with comfort.

Well, I scolded myself and made a total, all out battle against the bulge. First, I consulted some friends about it and read health magazines for tips on how to reduce belly fat. I did a determined regular check on my food intake and did cardio exercises and mountain biking three times a week. I’m proud today that I made that decision. I don’t have a hard time finding those pair of pants that fits me well.

A RewardingEffort

An hour ago, me and my wife did a 30-minute cardio workout. We made a commitment this year and intent to keep it to stay fit and healthy. That includes eating a balanced diet, have enough sleeping time of 7 to 8 hours, and of course a regular three-times-a-week exercise. We don’t want to be overtaken by old age faster than the calendar days could be counted.

Not only that, we read health magazines and book and learn more about learn more about how to lose weight fast. Indeed, it is a rewarding effort on our side. We are seeing ourselves with more energy to do the day’s tasks. Plus, we could spend enough quality time with our kids without worries of stress and tiredness

Friday, February 18, 2011

You work like a Pro Bro!

Thanks to Arjay for the decoration of TRUE LOVE WAITS concert. It's simple yet elegant and beautiful. Indeed.. you work like a pro bro!You have the gift of arts... Can you help me find Cheap pleated blinds for my mom's office ? Need your expertise here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mis. Or. International Airport in 2012 !

Thanks to our Mitsubishi Adventure.. our city break last Valentine's Day was made easy. We went to Iligan City and dropped by the proposed International Airport to take some photo shots . I thought the airport was just meters away but  it was longer than we expected. We drove the  newly cemented  road about 5 kilometers long until we spotted the world-class airport due for completion by 2012. Wow! That means going to the neighboring Asian Country would be cheaper this time!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Relax and Unwind

Hoseasons Lochgoilhead is one destination most Europeans would love to go. Aperfect place to relax , unwind and bond together as a family or as a couple. Talking above bonding... above are some picture of our Valentine's Day getaway!It was such an enjoyable trip with my wife. Thank God for our new Mitsubishi Adventure!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Watery and Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SS : Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Scenic Sunday

Thanks Engr. Erich Abad

Above is our new logo designed by one our deacons in the church . We changed our name from Blessed Hope Christian Ministries to Blessed Hope Christian Community Church Intl. thus we decided to revise our logo too!

If you wish to have your logo stand out and you do not have the right person to do it , you can engage the service of Logo Design Company like Logo Mojo. Visit their site and see what they can offer to you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Printing of our Souvenir Program

This would be the best time for our committee (Souvenir Magazine Committee) for our Church’s Silver Anniversary this coming August 21, 2011 to have the final negotiations and close the deal as to what printing company would do our Souvenir program. We have considered at least three of them. We all agreed on the importance of a printing business that offers more value to our money. For our Souvenir program, we would make it sure that we have the best.

FPF : My Son IJ

My beloved son Isaiah John when he was still 2 yrs old . This ws during our Church Anniversary in 1998

Friday Photo Flashback

Do you have a Playbook?

This would be the perfect gift for our family…yes, a Playbook . Our kids would surely love this with gusto and excitement! And we could have a quality time together. We could enjoy our favourite games and even learn from it. And this would perfectly be our past time coming summer. We’re looking forward to buying this and even let our friends join us. My wife and I planned exciting escapade for the whole family this summer and it would also be an added fun to have this.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Luxury Cabin

I love to treat my wife for an out-of-town trip this Monday on Valentines Day. A friend told me that the luxury cabins at Dahilayan Mountain Resort were already open to the public. I tried to book online but their website is down for maintenance. I guess I have to visit their office and book our accommodation personally.

To the East of the City

I told my wife to look online for a Villa holiday somewhere in the neighboring provinces of Misamis Oriental. We planned to have a Valentine Celebration away from the hustle and bustle of the City. I heard some new resorts somewhere in the east but it I guess they still do not have website.

The Sky at Mt. Pinatubo

I snapped this picture while on our way to Manila from Baguio City

Sound Proofing

I was given the chance to visit Folk Art Theater in one of the Choral Contest I trained two years ago. It is then where I got the idea that pleated conservatory blinds will act as sound proofing of the theater. I wish  our Church Sanctuary also would buy the same .  It was act as window covering as well as sound proofing.

Thank You

Our fridge have always extra supply of red  and  rose wine every December. We do not only celebrate Christmas but also Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday. I’m so thankful for the generosity of the church’s brethren in giving us tokens and gifts of appriciation that includes Clothing, foods, wine and even cash gifts.

I can do it!

My wife blogged about my desire to personally install the Ceramic tile for my son's room. Actually she is doubtful if I can do it satisfactorily. She already found a skilled worker to do it but I gave her an option to hire me instead..hahahahaha. We will replace the Laminate hardwood flooring which is already old with a ceramic - semi granite tiles. I know I can do it... anyway the room is just small.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Speed Boat Experience !

Above was one incident in what supposed to be a boating Island tour in Boracay. Our speed boat was stuck up ! I have no choice but to let the Koreans who was with us to help me pull out the weeds and push the boat out from the area. I guess the driver was not careful enough . Actually I was tempted to drive it myself. This incident reminds me of norfolk broads .

I Will Sing

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Up at 38th Floor

Looking down from Regency Hotel, Cebu City

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Friday, February 4, 2011

Scenic Sunday and Shadow Sunday

Scenic Sunday

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Pass - No Entry

I forgot to get vehicle pass from my mom's subdivision thus I was questioned by the entrance guard if I am a non resident . The guard was newly hired and was strict with the policy of  " No Pass , No Entry"... so I was forced to let my mom call the guard house and requested for my entry. What an experienced!

Talking about College

As early as now , me and my son who is now in second year high school is talking on what course he will pursue in college. I encouraged him to choose a degree he love most. He wanted to be a lawyer just like his grand father but at the same time loves to be in the medical world like his uncle.  He also asked some  tech jobs  that will be in demand in the future.  What do you think is best for him? 

Skywatch Friday

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Word-filled and Wordful Wednesday

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A communion Invitation

Every first Sunday of the month is our Church Communion Service. A time for deep reflection remembering what Jesus did on the cross at Calvary. It’s a time for all of us to refresh our commitments in serving God faithfully. I reminded my wife to send communion invitations to all the brethren for this coming Sunday’s Special Service. We always look forward to the breaking of bread and the drinking of wine as a church, congregation and a family. If you are within Cagayan de Oro City, you can be with us this Sunday, February 6,2010 at Blessed Hope Christian Community Church , Intl.

Wednesday Memes

Mom and Daughter