Monday, February 21, 2011

Those stubborn belly fats....

Those stubborn belly fats would just don’t simply go away. I’ve learned it the hard way. One day, I found myself weighing 186 pounds and with my height of only five feet and three inches. Man! That was very bad. I mean, I was punishing my body with all those good stuff and sedentary lifestyle. I felt like I’m bloating! And those belly fat! I realized it when me and my wife decided to buy a new pair of pants and we had a hard time finding those that fits me well with comfort.

Well, I scolded myself and made a total, all out battle against the bulge. First, I consulted some friends about it and read health magazines for tips on how to reduce belly fat. I did a determined regular check on my food intake and did cardio exercises and mountain biking three times a week. I’m proud today that I made that decision. I don’t have a hard time finding those pair of pants that fits me well.