Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer Lessons

Summer is here! Our kids are just jumpy this time leaving behind all those school home works, assignments and looking forward to enjoy their summer. They ask us to buy them the new ps3 game for them to enjoy. They have invited their friends to join them in a game tournament and they just love the thought of winning! Hahaha..our kids. We just couldn’t say no to them since they have done very well at school. Both of them belonged to the honors’ class and they are serious in their studies. This is our gift for them this summer.

And while enjoying PS3 games, our kids will enjoy summer lessons too. Our son will enroll in a guitar lesson and our daughter will enroll in a voice lesson class. We want their summer to be fun and at the same time educational.


clavs said...

I agree! I wish I had a child para mag summer lesson pud ug guitar and voice lesson? hehe