Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Dedicated Community Nurse

Now that our friend from our local church passed the Nursing Board Exam last year, she hopes to work or even be a volunteer worker to any government community outreach programs offered so she could build up her credential as a nurse. She really dreamed of working abroad and landing a good job as a nurse to support her family and support the church as well. I even included her in one of my blogs as she prepared to apply for a job. She needed nursing scrubs for that particular work and inquired from us where to buy cheap scrubs. We really supported her for this seeing her sincerity in serving in the local church and how she loves her family as well.

Julie as we fondly called her, after spending three months looking for a job was blessed with an opportunity to be hired as a community nurse in one of the many municipalities here. This was really a big break for her. She was to be assigned in a local community taking care of the local folks in a rural areas  where they will administer health lectures, clean-up drives, vaccinations and other important works for that particular community. The nursing scrubs  she used when still in college is still the one she’s using until today. For her, engaging in anything that extends care and love to the community is of utmost important no matter how small it is. That’s one thing we admire about Julie.

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