Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stag Party

Only Parent Chronicles

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Adrienne said...

Ok, i'm just gonna ask. What's a stag party?? I'm feeling like this might embarass me, beacuse maybe I should know this...but I'd rather know more than not be embarrassed. LOL

Stopping by from PINT!

Christine said...

Oh this is easy... just go have fun! Being a lady I've never attended a stag party, but I've been to a bachlorette party and it's all about the fun! And few drinks too!

K said...

Stag parties are what every country other than America calls bachelor parties. :)

These sorts of things are usually best when you start with one place and let the night lead you where it might. Enjoy!

skoots1mom said...

enjoy ur friends

Kristin said...

I'm currently planning a bachelorette party. Hope you have fun!

Pepper said...

I hope you were a good boy at the stag party ;)