Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday Meme

Roadside Assistance Plan

The travel to Davao on my birthday last May 2 was definitely an adventure for all of us. It was our first long travel as a family. It took us 6 hours to reach our destination and it was worth all the risk and excitement. Risk in the sense that it was only me, my wife and our two kids traveling without any other companion to help us in case an engine problem might occur. But I have our van fully checked a week before our travel. But it’s still wise to include a roadside assistance plan in a long travel like what we did.

A friend of our traveled to a mountainous area to attend a Church’s thanksgiving. But along the way, they met an accident when their car’s axle broke. They have to wait for almost 4 hours before they were able to find help. That thing reminded me again and again to always plan ahead, get everything ready and functional especially with our van. Thanks be to God that our travel went smoothly and that we all enjoyed it. We are planning to go travel again 3 months from now.

I want to try Hunting!

My friend is a certified sportsman. He is into different sports like, hunting, swimming, basketball, trekking and other things. He likes to be involve in different sport so he could maintain his good physical condition and remain healthy even at old age. One day, he showed me his hunting gun and he told me that he’s planning to buy holographic sights for night hunting. Their place is located near mountains and that he and his friends often would meet once a week for hunting and fun. What would set him apart is his hunting gun with holographic sights . It would be a great advantage for him hunting at night and even bad weather.

My friend tried to convince me to consider hunting as one of my sport but I just smiled at him. Mine is different. I like mountain biking, basketball and table tennis. I admire my friend for the thing he’s enjoying and it is my idea to be healthy even at old age just like him. Though we have different likes in sports but what’s important is, we have the same goal – be healthy all the way.

Wednesday White

Our recent travel to Davao City with the Kids.
Don't miss Eden Nature's Park when you're in Davao.

Our Dream House

I have printed a complete house design I uploaded from the net and pasted it on our “dream wall”. You might wonder what is this. We have decided to make one part of the wall in our room as a place where we can post or paste anything we want to have or buy for our family. We did this so that we could see what we envision for the next 2 years. Posted on our dream wall are pictures of our dream car and dream house. Every time we take a look at it, we are reminded to thank God for all His favor and blessings in our life.

We are always excited to see the pictures of our dream house with the pictures of the Master’s bedroom, kid’s room, the Living room and the Dining room and the materials needed to furnish it. We have considered floor tiles and laminate flooring for all the rooms. We are looking forward with great expectation that at the right time we will be seeing all these come into reality.

Ruby Tuesday : My Carlsberg Shirt from UK

Beware of Zoloft !

Have you heard of the drug called zoloft? It is a well known drug released in 1992 by its maker Pfizer which is used to treat depression and other disorders like obsessive-compulsive , panic , anxiety , post-traumatic stress and premenstrual disorder . I just wonder why their are many zoloft lawsuit filed in the US for the past years until today. They say because of its various side effects such as nausea, insomnia, and diarrhea The drug must not be taken by pregnant women because of some cases of birth defects ! So Beware!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Helmet Diving and Para Sailing

I miss this Provence Villas at Boracay. I hope our local airline will offer seat sale to Caticlan.  This time I will bring the kids with us so that they will experience fun water adventure are boracay at helmet diving and para sailing.


Holiday cottages

Summer is ending here in our country while it is still starting in the other part of the globe like the US and UK. A friend who’s working as a Nurse in London told me that they are going to a Holiday Cottages in Uk. Well I guess it's time to reward themselves from hard labor.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cheapest Way to Travel

If you wish to getaway from the city life, then go to places which are peaceful like mountain or private beach resort. The uk holiday cottages are one of the favorite places to refresh and unwind. Compared to some vacation destination like cruise and out of the country travels, it's one of the cheapest!

Flower for Gemini

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow and because she's leaving far from us ( We are in Mindanao and she's in Luzon), celebrating with her on her special day would be impossible. We planned to send photobooks for her special day but when we inquired of the courier cost, it's big because of its heavy weight. We will just wait for the time we will visit her to give the gift. Now, we settled to greet her with bouquet of flowers through an online flower shop.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

All in White

When can we have this Product?

A 100% guarantee to eliminate the appearance of acne in just 12 hours? Wow! That’s a big, big wow for me. We have been closely monitoring the acne onset of our son’s face. My wife’s been especially concerned and we have already consulted a doctor with regards to this. We even have a simple recall on who among the members of our family have an acne problem.

The acne of our son may not be that serious but we want him to have a clear face as much as possible not that he’s a teenager. I was interested in one of the acne treatments in the U.S. especially on acsonix review that guarantees an acne cure within 12 hours. How I wish we have this product here in our place.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Word-filled and Wordful Wednesday

Monday, May 23, 2011

Debatable Question

The question " does enzyte work?" is no longer a debatable question because it has been a proven natural ingredient for improving health . I have taken various work-out supplements with this ingredients and it proved to be safe and effective. Now that I have stopped going to the gym and shifted   to mountain biking for my daily exercise, I stopped taking  my food supplement with enzyte ingredient.   How about you? Have you tried enzyte ? Visit enzyte reviews and find more about its healthy benefits.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SoyJoy and Vacation Bible School

Boxes of all natural fruit and Soy Bar were given by a ministry partner   last Monday . Soyjoy    is a fruit bar  baked with the goodness of whole soy and dried fruits like raisins, apple, strawberry and mango. It's  a good source of whey protein  .  The arrival is timely for our Children's  Vacation Bible School .

1-1 for Miami Hit and Chicago Bulls

Yeah! Miami Hit won the NBA Basketball game! I am a big fan of Miami since my college days. Thanks to a friend I was able to watch TV online . They will have a big chance to make it till the end of the season... specially now that Lakers is out in the picture. To my buddies who are lakers freak... Good luck next season!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 21 ,2011 : The end of the World?

May 21, 2011 will mark the second coming of Christ.. and that's two days from now! Would you believe it?

The date was calculated by Harold Camping, the leader of an independent Christian ministry called Family Radio Worldwide, which is based in Oakland, Calif.
. A number of loosely affiliated websites and radio broadcast stations have unified to proclaim the day as the judgement day. Even in the Philippines, these groups announce the day through billboards, bus stop benches and buses.

The Scripture clearly says in Matthew 24:36 that "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. I don't know why they can not understand this simple verse. May God will open their eyes and acknowledge their mistakes.

Word-filled and Wordful Wednesday

Monday, May 16, 2011

MYM : Lost Motorbike

My friend's Motorbike that look like this was  stolen... anyone who have seen it?

The Doctor's Clinic

My mom visits her doctor regular once-a-month. She is really maintaining her good health and she want to stay that way. She works as a School administrator in one of the International Schools here in our place and keeps her schedule busy everyday. At the age of 74, you could just be amazed at her energy at work. A week ago after arriving at home, we were just about to eat dinner when I received a call from my mom’s house-help that she was admitted to the hospital.

I immediately went to the hospital and checked on her. The doctor told me that she had a high blood pressure due to stress and the weather. Thanks be to God that my mom is o.k. We visited her doctor the following day for a follow-up check up and upon entering his clinic, what I notice is the very nice exam table he had. His clinic was quite cozy and my mom also enjoyed the ambiance of his clinic and we got out with a A-OK sign from her doctor after the examination.

Coogi : My Son's Fashion Style

My son’s growing up and he has his own style of fashion. He choses his own brand, chooses his color combination well and carries himself well to. Everytime we visit the mall, he always would want us to go to the men’s section and just spend his time looking for a good pair of jeans and shirts. I really understands his passion for it. I also want him to look good and feel good.

Several brands of clothing are favorite of my son. Levi’s, Lee, RRJ, Adidas are just some of it. When we visited a big mall in Manila, I noticed other brands with much higher prices than what we usually buy here. One brand I notice is coogi and I believe this one will be a hit for my son. I might as well try this for him.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Justin Bieber Fever in Manila

The Justin Bieber Fever in Manila last May 10 was a tremendous success. The ground of Mall of Asia were jam packed with people in all walks of Life. Too bad we were not able to see his concert, our place is too far from Manila. If only I knew the schedule ahead, I should have brought the kids for a vacation . Anyway if you wish for santana concert tickets, santana concert tickets or camilo sesto tickets just visit ticketamerica.com. They have all the upcoming tickets for events worldwide. Visit now and see who's coming your place.

Electric Guitar on his 15th Birthdat

My Son just celebrated his 15th Birthday! Gone are the football themed party, the mascots, balloons, cakes and toys when he was in his younger years. Truly, I missed those days...  those hugs and kisses every time our kids opens their gifts.But anyway, I received a kiss on his birthday  because he was surprised to see his dreamed electric guitar. He can't believed that we shelled -out a lot of money for it. He has been doing good at school as an academic  scholar...  we saved a lot from his tuition and books..so he deserved a costly gift.

Royal Couple's Honeymoon destination

Where's the Royal Couple's Honeymoon destination? This is one question every one is asking. My wife guessed it must be with-in the united kingdom . Their are lots of prospect sites such as the Holiday Parks UK and the mountain resorts... but I guess it must be a secretly  and privately secluded place. United Kingdom is so big... what's your wild guess?

Thankful Thursday

Thank God  my birthday celebration was a very memorable one. We went for a family vacation  in Davao City , Philippines ,which is considered  the biggest city in  the whole world. Stayed at different hotels , went to different malls and vsits  tourist spots like the Eden Nature's Park, the Crocodile  and Butterfly farm . 

Thank God I am now 43 yrs. old!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Youth Concert and Symposium at our church

RC Cars : Toys for Big Boys

My son and I  watched the  TV show "Toys for Big Boys" at the hotel during our family vacation last week . Wow! We were so envious with the different  high-tech toys now available in the market like nitro RC Cars, airplanes and boats . If only I can afford those toys.. I would surely give my son of those for his birthday.

Cash Card

I made a post in my travel blog regarding the need to have   Travel Cashcard  every time one  has to travel.In this time of financial crises where crime  like robbery  and hold-up  are escalating, it is very unsafe to carry cash  during travels. In our recent travel, me and my wife  didn't have much cash in our wallet. Everything were paid through our credit card - from the fuel, accommodation, food  and  shopping.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy mothers day mamang

In What round will Manny will knocked-ou Mosley

WHO WILL WIN is no longer the question.. but in what round will Manny will Knock-out Mosley ...

Birthday Banner from Mindanao Solidmark Employees

Thanks to all the employees of Mindanao Solidmark for your birthday banners... I do not only like it but I so love it. Your labor of love touched me so much. Thank you also for receiving the Word of God in your heart. Every Tuesday is an exciting day to me...knowing that all of you are willing to hear me as I speak words of encouragement and wisdom from the scripture. God bless your heart!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Friday Preaching

Scenic Sunday

Then Sing My Soul Saturday

Thursday, May 5, 2011

From Toys to Gadgets

It’s surprising how time flies fast. It seemed to be just yesterday when we see our kids playing with their toys. Our son now is a young man and in Junior High while his sister is in the fifth grade. Not only that, our kids has different interests and likes. Our son loves music especially playing the guitars (he plays the lead) in their worship band.

Our daughter loves music too (singing) and gadgets like cellphones and Ipods. The other week, my sister from the U.S. called and promised our daughter a 32gb ipod touch as her gift for her birthday. She really jumped with joy upon knowing it. Thank God for  my kids.