Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I want to try Hunting!

My friend is a certified sportsman. He is into different sports like, hunting, swimming, basketball, trekking and other things. He likes to be involve in different sport so he could maintain his good physical condition and remain healthy even at old age. One day, he showed me his hunting gun and he told me that he’s planning to buy holographic sights for night hunting. Their place is located near mountains and that he and his friends often would meet once a week for hunting and fun. What would set him apart is his hunting gun with holographic sights . It would be a great advantage for him hunting at night and even bad weather.

My friend tried to convince me to consider hunting as one of my sport but I just smiled at him. Mine is different. I like mountain biking, basketball and table tennis. I admire my friend for the thing he’s enjoying and it is my idea to be healthy even at old age just like him. Though we have different likes in sports but what’s important is, we have the same goal – be healthy all the way.