Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Dream House

I have printed a complete house design I uploaded from the net and pasted it on our “dream wall”. You might wonder what is this. We have decided to make one part of the wall in our room as a place where we can post or paste anything we want to have or buy for our family. We did this so that we could see what we envision for the next 2 years. Posted on our dream wall are pictures of our dream car and dream house. Every time we take a look at it, we are reminded to thank God for all His favor and blessings in our life.

We are always excited to see the pictures of our dream house with the pictures of the Master’s bedroom, kid’s room, the Living room and the Dining room and the materials needed to furnish it. We have considered floor tiles and laminate flooring for all the rooms. We are looking forward with great expectation that at the right time we will be seeing all these come into reality.


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