Sunday, July 31, 2011

She's Looking for a Salon

Two weeks more to go before our big event - the Silver Anniversary of our church. Everyone is busy with their respective committees. My wife also is busy looking for her perfect silver and black gown. Today, she went out looking for Beauty Salon to do her hair and make up. She visited the site of Beauty Salon Brighton and was even more excited with the event.

Cheap yet classic

The kitchen is a family common place. So the Kitchen Tiles installed in such an area should be highly practical, very durable, easy to maintain and clean and also fine -looking. If one can not afford cost of Granite Tiles then natural stone tiles are definitely an option. You can save as much as 70% with this kind of tiles. It's affordable yet classic.

RJ & Julie : New Couple

Last night, a young couple in our church decided to be prayed over after praying a lot and deciding to be in a relationship. As their pastor, I counseled them and prayed that God will sustain them with wisdom and strength so their relationship would give honor to God and be an example to other young people in the church. It’s wonderful to see couples like this who are responsible enough to make a matured decision of setting their lives in order. I encouraged them to have a simple dinner celebration with petite roses to sweeten the moment of their lives.

Mellow Yellow Monday

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Priice over Quality ?

Today customer is looking for quality supplements at reasonable prices. But on the process, many people opt forcheap supplements solely for cost savings. Many assumes that all supplements are basically the same and see no point in paying extra cost for the so-called "premium" nutritional supplements.

Take for example in my case. My doctor prescribed me a premium B-complex supplement Dolo-neurobion but I decided to buy the generic counterpart which is half the price. Only to realize that it's not effective. I ended up buying the prescribed supplement.

According to my brother-in-law who is a physician, cheap supplements are ineffective and may even potentially be hazardous to our health.

Is Silence relly means Yes?

Is Silence really means YES? Huh!

European Cars In Singapore

We saw this BMW X5 at Hotel 81 , Geyland, Singapore. My wife wanted me to take a picture of the luxury vehicle with her but the owner was inside the car. Because it was the first day of our trip... I was kind of careful taking pictures especially that we were on the street.

Singapore's standard of living is so high. It was my first time to see lots of luxury car on the road. Cars that only the rich and the wealthy in our country can afford. European and American cars were a common site... I  did not see Nissan or Mitsubishi there. 

Scenis Sunday : Loboc River Cruise

Scenic Sunday

Music Changed my Life

We are a family who loves music. At the age of  Nine I already learned to play the Piano .  Mom bought a Weinstein Piano just for me and my siblings. Although each lesson was a struggle to  me  but I was able to perform well on our piano recital at the age of 11.

After graduating from elementary , I started guitar lessons, learned to play harmonica, drums and other stringed instruments. I am in love with music until these days. I believed that learning to play musical instruments brought lots of benefits in me - physically, intellectually and socially

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoot Me

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

College Challenges

We have young people in our church who are college students. Some of them are in the engineering, nursing and accountancy. There are times that they will find it hard to get the passing grade in subjects that are difficult and needs to take A level retakes . We often encouraged them to never give up in spite of the challenges and reach out for their dreams.

Medicinal Wine

Have you tired tasting exquisite wines? Why don’t you try this one la rose gadis, it’s my first time to hear this kind of named brand . Medical researchers agree to the benefits of drinking medicinal wine for your health. Try to search on this one.

Wordfilled Wednesday

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Friday, July 22, 2011

Princesa Bulakna

July and August is Summer in most part of the world ( UK and USA)... so my brother who manages a beach resort in Siquijor, Visayas is expecting tourist to come to their place. So if you have friends coming over bring them over to Princesa Bulakna . The place offers cottages for rent for a minimum of two weeks at a very low price. I haven't been their but my BIL told me that the resort is very beautiful and is complete with  hotel amenities. 

Technical Side

My bestfriend in college now works in a coal energy plant. He is an Electrical engineer (see electrical engineering online) now. We used to hang out together in our college day and we were such buddies. Now that we have our own family and work, we only see each other twice a month during Sunday church worship. When we got time to talk, I usually ask him about his family and work. He would then tell me the technical side of his job, the big boilers, generators, industrial pumps and many other things. I’m so happy for my buddy and his family too.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moral Education

Thank God the Teaching Sessions in four high school classes yesterday was a success. The students at Carmen, National School  were very cooperative  even though we introduced ourselves as Value Class volunteers from an Evangelical church.  We're so glad that the school administrator allowed  one hour to teach every Thursday to their graduating section. 

Skywatch Friday

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WW : Legendary Merlion

They say you can never be in Singapore without taking a pose at their legendary Merlion... So here I am with my wife.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Scenic Sunday : Orchard Road, SG

My wife at  Orchard Road Botique, Singapore

Scenic Sunday

From Cuba with Love

My dearest sister who's working in the U.S. called us one day and told our mom that her boyfriend will visit our place. He works in a government office and during summer he always plan to visit different places. He decided to visit the Philippines and to our place to see my mom and the whole family as well.

The whole week he spent with us was quite an adventure for he planned to visit every tourist spots in our place. After all the travel, he gave my mom some lovely gifts. He gave her a painting from Cuba and of course those famous Cuban cigars for display. We still have it today and our friends would often ask us where did we bought those stuff.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Monday, July 11, 2011

Italy, Egypt, Japan to Morocco

Unique Skin Care products from around the world! Yep that’s true! Are you one of those who have the itch to collect unique items from just anywhere in the world? Well let me introduce to you the himalayan bath salts and others. From Italy to Egypt, Japan to Morocco, you can now buy all these unique health products in one store. I was just curious when I read an ad with regards to these unique skin care products that I told my wife about it. My mother has quite a collection of different things given by sister who’s working in the U.S. She likes to collect items from coins to paintings from different places. I think I have to tell my mom about this too.

Is their hope for the 2011 College graduates?

This year, many of our young people in the Church will graduate. They will be the 2011 batch to finish high school and college. We are looking forward to see them march the isle and receive their diplomas and awards as they step on the milestone of success in their studies. Everyone is hopeful that the 2011 graduation with all the graduates will mean jobs and opportunities for all of them. With the impending worldwide economic crises, there is that uncertainty felt by everybody. But we remain hopeful that our graduates will be successful in their studies and fields of expertise.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday : Terminal 3 Singapore Airport

Singapore's Airport is sooooo beautiful. According to our friend who fetched us at the airport, it was voted 3x as the best Airport in the whole world! I'll post  more pictures in my next post.

Steel Buildings with Glass Finish

In this place like ours, I have yet to see a metal building commercially used by business establishments. I must agree that we are quite behind the technology used by the more developed countries in United States, Australia and Europe. I happened to read an article regarding pre-engineered metal buildings made from durable steel that will last a lifetime. Wow! That sure is a great investment for anybody looking for a quality, dependable and practical way to build a structure for business and other commercial use. How I wish one day our country will have these steel building with glass architectural finish.