Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our church 50th Anniversary....

Last August 21 was the grand celebration of our church's 25th Anniversary and Thanksgiving . It was a very memorable and enjoyable one as churches from all over the Philippines and the other part of the globe gathered together to declare God's faithfulness in each of our lives.

Now that the Silver Anniversary is over, our church is looking forward to the next grand celebration which is the 50th Anniversary. We laugh at the idea that the 50th anniversary celebration would be the most dragging and longest celebration since the leaders of the church are already at their 70's and 90's that day. Some might have dementia  or Alzheimer's Disease already while some could no longer witness the event because they are already 7 ft. below the ground.

We were talking about old age.. how our  memory  are crushed to the point of not remembering how to do simple everyday things such as tie one's shoes or even dress. It is  forgetting to wear a  jacket or coat when it is raining or cold outside or even  not brushing one's hair or teeth before going out. We laugh and laugh imagining what would be our life  then  but at the end we can not help but Praise God for   the years added to our life. If God will not tarry, I wish to be present on our 50th Church Anniversary with my wife , children and grand children. I do not know If I would still be blogging...  I would be  68 yrs. old then !