Friday, September 9, 2011

BANKRUPTCY : The moment of truth

The memory was still fresh. When my dad’s working habit took its toll on his health, we were all devastated. At the age of 49, my dad and my mom still have many dreams for the family. With a flourishing furniture business, a stable job for my mom as a school principal, who could have thought that our dad would succumbed to a heart ailment. Yes, he had a hard time when he was a young boy working errands and odd jobs to make ends meet. He occasionally drinks but do not smoke. But why suffer a heart failure at such a young age? This has been my question that needs to be answered.

My dad was advised to go to Manila for an extensive medical treatment. The one year he spent for treatment and rehabilitation and the mounting medical bills affected us in a way we could never imagine. My mom has to sell almost all our properties that we nearly went bankrupt. It was really a hard time for my mom and us. I even remembered that we have to eat once a day in order for us to save what little we have. I and my two sisters were left under the care of an uncle but we were not given that much care and attention. If there was somebody who could guide my mom on what to do in times like that then I know it would not be so hard for her to manage our finances. Just like the Cary Bankruptcy Lawyers I read in the net. What difference could they have given us at the moment of our financial crisis? My mom would not even suffer depression at that time if she could have somebody to help her in times of need.

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