Thursday, September 29, 2011

College Dropout Rates

According to a study of our education trend here in the Philippines, there are many reasons why many college students drop out of college. One of these is the financial incapacity of parents to sustain the education of their children. Poverty looms largely in many provinces here in our place where there is an ongoing conflicts between tribal groups which is a threat to our peace and order. In Mindanao alone where I was born, a few provinces belonged to the poorest of poor in our country. It is here where the number of Out-of-school youths is largely concentrated. Even in the city where I’m living, still a large group of college students won’t make it to graduation due to the high cost of education.
Sad as it may, this problem is not only prevalent here in our country. The United States, a Super power nation is not exempted with this global problem. Economic pressure, debts, threats to the peace and order, moral degradation, college drop outs, spiritual decline and many more…we all face these dilemmas in our society today. But I’m glad that in spite of the many problems our country, we Filipinos are well known as survivors and we always stand to where we have fallen. We just don’t give up easily.


raya said...

so true, and sad, too! very informative.

Marites said...

a sad reality considering that our country has long been considered to have a high literacy rate compared to our Asian neighbors. Poverty is really a significant factor in the drop-out rate.

Pinx said...

this is really true... what's sad te Grace is that some students don't value the sacrifices their parents are doing just to be able to send them to college... nice one te!