Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go Organic

My mom is  the Health Ministry Head in the church. She always has a time to lecture us about using organic vegetables and meat and include it in our diet. She’s now 74 years old and still on active duty as a School Administrator in a Korean international school. Yea, I really, believe on the many good benefits of eating organic food. Today, our society is flooded with foods that are not healthy at all due to chemicals added to poultry and meat products. From homes to restaurant and fast food chains our children are exposed to unhealthy food. Even our government is also pushing for the use of organic produce in the market today. The billions of consumers worldwide pushed the meat industry to produce bigger poultry and farm yield using chemicals that threatens one’s health.

How I wish an Organic Meat Delivery will be available here in our place. I would really appreciate it. We would also revolutionize our eating habit at home. When one of our church friends died due to cancer, there was a profound effect to each one of us as her husband related to us the ill effects non-organic food to our diet. It was one of the main things their doctor stressed that affected the health of her wife. Now that maybe is one important lesson for us to really, really consider organic food this time.

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