Friday, September 30, 2011

God Struck : Connect, Renew, Survive

Coming October 28 – 30 will be a big event to al the young people in the church and to all the campus caregroups. The young ladies with their Femmes for Jesus group ( F4J) and the young men with their Band of Brothers ( Bob) will hold a three-day youth camp entitles “ God’s Struck : Connect, Renew and Survive. We are now on our third phase in planning for that big day. Tarpaulin banners designs are ready , youth  brochure printing is on the way for our camp promotion. The venue is set and the delegates have listed their names. What be more fulfilling is the sense of responsibility we owe to the young people in our city. So that they may discover their potential and use it properly to be more productive in their lives.

Reality bites! Our young people today are affected with moral degradation- pre-marital sex, alcoholism, pornography, rebellion and vices are some societal desease that affects our young people today. By being in the forefront of change , our youth commits their time, talents and resources to influence these young people to love God, their families their studies and their future. May they not be tired in pursuing this noble act for in preserving our generation from moral decay. Congratulations BHCCCI youth for this initiative. Your labor in the Lord is not in vain.