Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saving Lives Through Heart Surgery

What happened to my dad after he was diagnosed with a heart condition really affected our family. He’s a hard worker and takes care of his family well. I can say that my dad was an ideal father. We love him for all the values he taught us, especially the value of loving your family and working hard to reach your goals in life. At the age of 12, because of poverty, my dad decided to leave their home to continue his studies and pursue his dream to become an accountant. He worked as a house helper, a shoe-shine boy, a newspaper boy and even washed dishes to earn a living. It was a hard life for a young boy but he was one determined individual. His sacrifices paid off. After graduating with honors in a well known university in Manila and passing the bar exam for accountants, my dad was hired as an accountant for a government office and was assigned in Mindanao where he met our mom. That was a dream comes true!

But there was a setback to all the hardships my dad went through. Because of hard work, he was diagnosed with a heart condition at the young age of 45. There was even a point where we feared that we already lost him when he had a heart attack. All the doctors decided for my dad to be transferred back to Manila for a Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery which was not yet available in our place at that time. That was the lowest and saddest part of our life. Our family has to sell almost all of our properties to pay the high cost of medical bills. Our dear dad spent a year in the hospital for treatment and we nearly went bankrupt. But even with that, we did not lose hope but instead put our faith in God whom we believe to be always with us. That medical procedure saved the life of our dad. He survived that ordeal and lived to be with us until his 59th birthday.

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Dua said...

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