Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday : Psalm 37:11

Monday, October 24, 2011

Proper Budgeting is the Key towards More Savings

A number of households are now struggling with debt and other financial issues. Yes it is easier to blame the recent state of the economy but at one point people have to realize that part of the problem is also caused by poor budgeting and over spending. So how important is it to have an effective monthly budget? For starters it could provide you with more savings that you can use in order to settle other financial matters.

With budgeting comes a concrete financial structure that you and your family could follow. This is a good way to control spending and avoid buying items that are not important in needed. Let’s face it, its easy to lose focus while on the grocery store as you might want to buy the things you seen on the shelves especially if they are on sale. But carrying a list with you of the things that you need to purchase will keep you stay in focus. 

People should realize that overspending is one of the main reasons why one could wind up on a huge debt. Keep in mind a very simple rule: do not spend money that you don’t have. Budgeting could help you eliminate the unnecessary expenses and at the same time start having some extra money that you could keep for the rainy days.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Two-storey House

We are looking forward to building our new house. It will be a two-storey house with four bedrooms and three baths. Is it possible to have a swimming pool? I asked this question to my wife who just smiled back to me. Well, nothing’s impossible under the sun. It’s not bad after all to dream dreams. Yes, a swimming pool with a pool heat pump for that relaxing time with the family and friends. What more could I asked for? That is one of my dreams as I am looking forward to our new home. It would be a great retirement place someday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

RT : Playing in the Forest

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I attended an Eightieth Birthday Celebration in one of the biggest hotel in the city. Me and my wife and the rest of the visitors were greatly touched with the program. The Children and Grand Children surprised the celebrator with songs, dances and video presentation. The tribute was really heart-warning that my wife was able to cry during the messages of from the children and grand children.

We were all surprised when the birthday gift arrived. It was an ATV wrapped with a big...big ribbon. "Tatang" as we fondly called the celebrator, jumped from his chair and went out the ballroom with the ATV! The BIG TOY of course was completed with ATV Accessories and the need rzr parts.

Choosing between Canon or Nikon for DSLR

Which is more durable Canon or nikon camera batteries ? I have posted in my travel blog my desire to have a DSLR Camera this coming December. I am confused which of the leading DSLR Camera brand is the best. I browsed the internet but both of them claimed to be the first in the industry, so I decided to let buy the first store outlet to extend the lowest promo rates this Christmas. I am planning to buy the D600 of Canon but a friend suggested to get the Nikon equivalent for it.  I have not decided it. The  brand who can make a good offer will prevail.What do you think? Is this a good idea?

What are your sports?

I love playing  basketball, volleyball , baseball and table tennis. I am into mountain biking too! I do my rounds three times a week with some members of the biking association here in our city. My ultimate dream sport is America’s favorite pastime – Football. I really wondered, what's up with Americans and their football . Although they have other sports like baseball, hockey and basketball.. most American love football the most. Even Fantasy football games on line became a craze in the U.S. Fantasy  football is a game that uses the statistics of professional football players for personal, fantasy teams. In my 2 years of blogging, I have stumbled upon hundreds of web sites, dedicated to fantasy footballs. There are even radio and TV shows, dedicated to discussion of fantasy football and the NFL players. How I wish football will gain the same popularity here in our country. I tried playing football ( also known as soccer here in our country) during my high school years but time and place did not allow my love for the game to flourish.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Heart Failure

My Father was hospitalized because of a Heart Failure. Being the only boy and so closed when him , I was deeply devastated . He stayed at the Heart Center for almost 3 months and it was hard for the family financially and emotionally. My mom who's a School Principal took an indefinite leave of absence from work just to personally take care of him. The mitral valve repair extended his life .. thanks to the advance technology. All our real estate properties were sold to defray cost of his hospitalization.. but it's worth all of it.

I was reminded to post    this  since a friend informed me on his father's heart ailment. I sympathize with him.  Praying for his healing bro!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Accident Happens Quickly

My friend who’s a college student took a public ride and met an accident while the jeep he’s riding approached a crossroad. Another transport car lost its brakes and bumped on them. The incident happened quickly. One passenger was pinned on the side of the jeep but luckily survived with only a broken arm. Thank God my friend and the other passengers were all safe. The owner of the transport even refused to pay the damages. When my mom went to the States with my sister, their group met a minor accident but was treated well. They were even given compensation because they have accident lawyers in that case. Just like the Arizona car accident lawyers, how I wish we also have that here in our place. My friend and the other passengers would  have been  attended properly and the owner of that car would then be liable to pay all the damages for the victims of that accident. Yes! Accidents happen quickly  so we must be ready to have a law firm who can help us   in determining our rights  and remedies just like what the  Arizona auto accident lawyers does.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordfilled Wednesday

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Manny Pacquiao will knock - out Mazquez on the 8th round!!

Manny Pacquiao will stop Juan Manuel Marquez inside six rounds . This is the prediction of the celebrated boxing trainer Freddie Roach in their WBO welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Nov. 12 . Me and my son bet with each other on what exact round will the pound-for-pound boxing champion will knocked-out Juan Manuel Marquez. I am sure it will be a decisive victory in their third encounter. Whew! I can not wait to see the fight!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scenic Sunday

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WFW : In the Beginning

Longest Christmas Celebration

The “BER” months here in the Philippines is quite an exciting time for all of us. Filipinos are known to have the longest Christmas celebration. You can hear Christmas carols as early as the first day of September. And these months too will also be part of our cold, rainy season. You can expect people wearing warmers and jackets during nighttime. My friend in New York misses these times here. There in New York during winter time, you can expect to see people wearing heated winter jackets, gloves and even heated electric blanket. My friend told me that they even have a -20 degree Fahrenheit below freezing point. Wow, that’s really, really cold!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Electric Car

The electric car displayed at Ayala Abreeza Mall, Davao City, Philippines.


Why are nurses in Public Hospital still wears white?

Two weeks ago, I had a chance to assist my brother-in-law with the processing of his wife hospitalization documents in one of the public hospital here in our city. I went to and fro each of the nurse station, billing station and the health insurance department. I observed that  their nurses do not wear medical scrubs as those nurses working in a private hospital. They still wear the conventional white uniform from head to toe while those in the private hospital  wear  their trendy and chic colorful nursing scrubs. I guess the Department of Health made an ordinance requiring all nurses to wear the white professional-looking uniforms to help create a public image of nurses as educated professionals deserving respect. Indeed it is important that patients should be able to identify their nurses, so they know  who  are the person  responsible for their care. If nurses in the public hospital will parade in scrubs, they will be able to ask questions of an employee they assumed to be a nurse, but who turned out to be a representative of housekeeping or dietary…Lol!