Thursday, October 13, 2011

Accident Happens Quickly

My friend who’s a college student took a public ride and met an accident while the jeep he’s riding approached a crossroad. Another transport car lost its brakes and bumped on them. The incident happened quickly. One passenger was pinned on the side of the jeep but luckily survived with only a broken arm. Thank God my friend and the other passengers were all safe. The owner of the transport even refused to pay the damages. When my mom went to the States with my sister, their group met a minor accident but was treated well. They were even given compensation because they have accident lawyers in that case. Just like the Arizona car accident lawyers, how I wish we also have that here in our place. My friend and the other passengers would  have been  attended properly and the owner of that car would then be liable to pay all the damages for the victims of that accident. Yes! Accidents happen quickly  so we must be ready to have a law firm who can help us   in determining our rights  and remedies just like what the  Arizona auto accident lawyers does.