Sunday, October 16, 2011

What are your sports?

I love playing  basketball, volleyball , baseball and table tennis. I am into mountain biking too! I do my rounds three times a week with some members of the biking association here in our city. My ultimate dream sport is America’s favorite pastime – Football. I really wondered, what's up with Americans and their football . Although they have other sports like baseball, hockey and basketball.. most American love football the most. Even Fantasy football games on line became a craze in the U.S. Fantasy  football is a game that uses the statistics of professional football players for personal, fantasy teams. In my 2 years of blogging, I have stumbled upon hundreds of web sites, dedicated to fantasy footballs. There are even radio and TV shows, dedicated to discussion of fantasy football and the NFL players. How I wish football will gain the same popularity here in our country. I tried playing football ( also known as soccer here in our country) during my high school years but time and place did not allow my love for the game to flourish.

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