Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why are nurses in Public Hospital still wears white?

Two weeks ago, I had a chance to assist my brother-in-law with the processing of his wife hospitalization documents in one of the public hospital here in our city. I went to and fro each of the nurse station, billing station and the health insurance department. I observed that  their nurses do not wear medical scrubs as those nurses working in a private hospital. They still wear the conventional white uniform from head to toe while those in the private hospital  wear  their trendy and chic colorful nursing scrubs. I guess the Department of Health made an ordinance requiring all nurses to wear the white professional-looking uniforms to help create a public image of nurses as educated professionals deserving respect. Indeed it is important that patients should be able to identify their nurses, so they know  who  are the person  responsible for their care. If nurses in the public hospital will parade in scrubs, they will be able to ask questions of an employee they assumed to be a nurse, but who turned out to be a representative of housekeeping or dietary…Lol!