Thursday, December 1, 2011

Birthday Gift for our daughter

Chocolates! Our daughter's favorite ! She will be turning 12 next year on April 14 and we are already contemplating to have a kid’s party for her, her classmates, church friends and our neighbor’s children. Hhhhmmmm...That would surely be a bit expensive but we agreed it would be worth the sacrifice and the joy our daughter would feel. It’s her special day and we want her to feel as special as she can be. And what would be one of our gifts? Of course imported premium chocolates! I’ve seen this gift for daughter idea and I admired it. Just think of two full frozen gourmet dipped fancy berries set on her birthday table. That would blow our daughter away with excitement and joy!


send flowers bouquet said...

Chocalate is really a great gift for everyone. My daughter's birth day is not near but now I think I should gift her chocolates so that I can see her wide smile.

singapore florist said...

I am also agree on the chocolate gift proposal.Kids really loves the chocolates much .You can also gift her the video games etc. so that she can play with it.