Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can no longer pay off debts?

o My family and I are currently staying in my mother-in-law’s together with my brother after the flood. It’s given us a chance to look after each other and there was one time that one of our many conversations fell on the wood furniture business of my in-laws’ back in the day. My husband told me they had no choice but to close it because the demand for wooden furniture was experiencing a decline. It was because at that time, steel was everywhere and was preferred by many. It made me think: how great it would’ve been if bankruptcy lawyers were available 30 years ago!

But even so, it’s evident that the recession has caused many companies to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Lawyers like the arizona bankruptcy attorney and the Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney are getting their fill of what’s happening I guess. If companies haven’t declared bankruptcy, they’re cutting off employees, or temporarily ceasing activities. The U.S recession has affected us in a significant way, as we had to pull back our Filipino overseas workers and so, our economy also dropped. Saab Motors have declared bankruptcy, so has Kodak. Pennsylvania capital also filed for bankruptcy last October, American Airlines also filed for bankruptcy November last year. These big companies and conglomerates unable to pay off their debts.

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