Saturday, February 25, 2012

How I started blogging

I started blogging two years ago upon the encouragement of my wife. She told me that as a teacher and a minister, I should start a blog so that I could publish my lessons and lectures. At first I was really hesitant considering my very busy and hectic schedule. But then I realized the necessity of creating my own website when my students and the young people in the ministry asked me for copies of my lectures. Thus, the birth of this site “ A BUCKET OF WISDOM”. A site where I poured out my feelings , thoughts and ideas about the purpose of Life. The heartening comments on my posts and verbal affirmation from some students and friends encouraged me more to continue blogging.

Last year, I persuaded some of my friends and my core group to start blogging too. With the help of my wife and her blogger friends , we sponsored a blogging workshop . The event was attended by 35 young professionals and students. We taught them the basic of blogging – how to create a blog, how to navigate though the dashboard, making relevant articles, finding the right keywords, building traffic, etc.

Now, out from the 35 attendees , 20 of them have blog sites and continued blogging. Some of them already monetized their sites .