Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scenic Sunday

An Original image I captured during our trip last year.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can't Keep Up? Use Internet Faxing to Your Advantage

Once upon a time, or two decades ago, the fax machine was revolutionary. It introduced a game-changing concept of using phone lines to instantly send physical document facsimiles anywhere—or to another machine on the recipient end. Soon, the fax machine became a foremost office fixture.
But the digital age has revolutionized the field anew, with unprecedented technological advancement. And as our means, modes and very infrastructures of communication become comprehensively digital our now-familiar old fax machines, become increasingly dated—if not yet obsolete. 

Abandoned Fax Machine (Photo credit: Abhisek Sarda)
It's an unavoidable fact, the fax machines before can't keep up with now's "electronic office" standards, needs and expectations. They're like fish out of water in this context—ever more static, plodding, clunky and costly, relative to today's increasingly digitized, streamlined norms of operation.
Unavoidably too, your business faxing practices can't keep up either—at least, that is, while you sit resigned to the machine. Enter, inevitably, "Internet Faxing", faxing reincarnated for the digital age!
Keeping your faxing practices up with the times and competition, is now as simple as using internet faxing services to your advantage. Here's how it works—and why it’s your workplace solution:

Internet Faxing Services: Faxing, Facilitated 

Internet faxing services integrate the machine's physical document technology into modern "electronic office" context. They enable and empower users of any kind, international companies, small businesses, home-office entrepreneurs, to electronically transit faxes via the Internet—instantaneously, reliably and securely. And using any online functionality modes such as: email, web browsers, and mobile smartphones. 
Internet faxing is, in practice, as affordable, convenient and efficient as today's basic high-speed, wireless internet connection, and email system. Basics your friendly service provider transforms, by modern technology's no small miracles, into your personal subscriber's business faxing solution.

Cost-saving: Where traditional faxing demands excessive machinery, hardware, supply costs and expenses, internet fax services require, once again for emphasis, only your internet and email. You pay only the minute added fee of service subscription. 

Ease-of-Use: Service subscriber accounts come equipped with features maximizing ease and convenience of use. Their web interfaces are exceedingly both advanced and user-friendly. Anyone with the barest computer knowledge can be confident that his learning curve will be immediate, and his ongoing usage relatively effortless.

Metrofax, for example, is noted for its no-nonsense, fail-safe provision of eFax communication solutions. Its unique online, dashboards, enable the best email faxing with Metrofax for users in a one-stop, customizable and versatile interface.
 Mobility: Internet faxing invites an unprecedented capacity to take your business anywhere—while making and enacting informed decisions more quickly than ever before. Online faxing actions are processed on your interface in a snap. All your faxing can be conducted via email, readily accessible by way of laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever and whenever duty calls.
Internet faxing is easy to adopt as your new norm, and even easier to use to your greatest advantage. Top service providers even facilitate your optimal decision-making among them. Take advantage of their free trials to ensure the utmost compatibility in practice, between the plan offering you choose and your business faxing needs.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scenic Sunday

Del Monte Pineapple Farm
Entry for Scenic Sunday

6ws : Love is ......


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thanks to FICCO

My previous post talked about the challenges I faced three months ago. Thank God it's all over. Regarding my son's road accident. I greatly thank God for the motorbike driver for his kind heart in bringing my son to the hospital and for paying all the hospital bills. Like the accident claim UK, I was able to claim medical benefits from my insurance. Thanks to FICCO, my cooperative for the mutual aid fund for all members.

God is greater than our problems!

Misery loves company and Problems come in bundles!

I heard this quote a hundred times from friends and relatives. I never expected it will happen to us. After a devastating typhoon hit our places , killed more than a thousand people , washed out houses and cars last December 16 , after we were displaced and took shelter in my mom's house... we all got sick .

For the whole month of February my wife was sick and for a week she was hospitalized due to Dengue Fever. It was her first time to be confined in the hospital ( except of course during giving birth to my two kids). Dengue is a fatal virus.. thank God my wife was saved though her blood platelet count was too low. Just last week, my son was hit by a motor bike while going home to our new residence. He was hospitalized due to minor fracture on his nose and arms. Thank God the X-ray result did not show any Sciatic ​Nerve Pa​in and H​erniated​ Disc ​. Of course, I was worried since the impact was so strong that the driver broke his arms and part of his shoulder. Thank be to God he was saved again!

Financially and emotionally we are drained but thank be to God for my mom and sisters who are always with me in times of crisis. Life is just like a wheel, sometimes you are up... sometimes you are down. We maybe at the lowest part of our lives for the last 3 months but I know and I am confident that God is rebuilding our lives . Like Job in the old testament , we should never give up . God is greater than any problem we faced. There is no problem too big, He can not solve.. There is no mountain too high He can not move.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Diamond Earrings for Men?

Yes!  I am talking about Diamond Earrings for men. That's not new to men in the western countries like the United States of America and Europe. Here in our country, genuine diamonds are so costly that only a few can afford like celebrities and business tycoons. There are lots of fashion diamond jewelries sold at some jewelry shops and malls but one can really tell the difference. I once stumbled an online shop that sells fancy gold and diamond necklace, rings, earrings and watches... but mind you they look authentic to me. Hmmm.. maybe because I don't own one. Want  visit their site?  go to and select from their wide selection  of trendy jewelries.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Word-filled and Wordful Wednesday

Word of Advice: How to Find a Good Defense Lawyer

When someone is trying to prosecute you, you want a good lawyer on your side to defend you. It is never a good idea to represent yourself, and having a defense lawyer appointed to you is not usually a good thing either. The following are some ways to find a good defense lawyer:

Assess the Lawyer's Track Record

Look for a defense lawyer who has a track record of success. When you are interviewing potential lawyers, you can ask them their years of experience and their successful defense cases. If your lawyer has a good reputation, it puts you in a better position to win your case. Defense cases are always the most difficult, so a good lawyer with lots of experience is a must.
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Consider the Lawyer's Payment Options

Another thing you should look for in a law practitioner, such as a Texas criminal defense attorney, is payment options. If you do not have a lot of money to pay upfront, lawyers who offer installment plans are a good choice. Some lawyers will also take on charity cases if it will bring them a lot of publicity, so you may be able to use this approach when you are looking for a lawyer.

Try Fledgling Lawyers

Beginners in this field do not cost as much and they are always looking for good cases to start building their reputation. Rookie lawyers are not always a bad thing because there is a thirst to prove their abilities. They might actually work harder for you than a seasoned lawyer who has been around the block a few times.

Ask for Referrals

You can also find a good defense lawyer by asking your friends for referrals. If they have ever had to hire a defense lawyer before, they will know whether you should hire the same one or not. You can also read reviews on different law firms and lawyers on the Internet for some advice on picking the right one. Just remember that most people do not provide feedback on lawyers and law firms unless it is negative, so no news is probably a good thing.

Browse News Pages

Look to the news to find high-profile lawyers because they are usually better than others. This is especially useful if you want your case to appear in the media. Sometimes the right media coverage can help you win your case if you are portrayed in the right way.

It’s hard to find a good defense lawyer, and even if you do find one, it doesn’t mean that you will win your case. A lot of this is based on outside factors. Having the right lawyer can definitely help though, and sometimes their experience can help lower your sentence or fine.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Depression and it's cure

Lots of people in the world suffer from depression. It can be very   dangerous if proper treatment are not managed on time. Last December 16,2011 our city was hit by a Typhoon that caused flash flood  and landslide. Houses, vehicles and  other structures were washed out. It killed almost two thousand people and two   hundred more were missing. The catastrophe   left  many people  grieving ,losing  hope   and  felling  down .
Actually, we were victim of that killer flood. We lost everything we work for 16 years . Instead of lamenting over the tragedy    , we   looked at the good side of things. We thank God for saving us while  44 people in our subdivision died. We thank God for  our loved-ones, relatives and friends who helped us   financially , emotionally and spiritually. While we have moved-on easily some of those who were flood victims were still struggling  in picking-up the broken pieces of their lives. They need to seek medical help.

In the US and other western countries ,  prescription anti-depressant medicines  are  effective ways in  overcoming depression. There are also some who can be  bought  online just like the products of Herbal City LCC. Among their product lines that promise to give an energy boosting feeling is their Party Enhancers. They also have their Spiritual powder that has many variants plus their K6 Herbal Incense. Their products are 100% herbal and legal.  If only  these products are available in our country, it would surely be a  great help to those flood victims.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Maps as Marketing Tool

The best way to invest our money is by getting our own business most specifically on areas that has something to do with Information and Communication Technology. We used to own an internet cafe before but we decided to close it down to venture another form of business. While I am still on that kind of business, I tried using some tools to make my business known not only to my closest friends but to my neighborhood as well. Using Google maps really helped me a lot. I haven’t known yet about SEO during that time.

As an entrepreneur, it is wiser to think of the things on how to have an advantage over your competitors. Right now, my Hubby and I are planning to put up an online business. However, we still need to learn more about the tricks on making your online business grow. I just learned right now the importance of Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO. Sometimes, in order to meet our expectations, we need to seek help from the expert. I am glad to have sites like who will cater the needs of every online marketer to make their website gain more traffics. Google maps marketing is just one of the things that they could offer which will really help our business grow. Hopefully, before this year will end, we could pursue our plan, with their help.

( I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.)

Wordfilled Wednesday


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Escape to Orlando with

Although my year 2011 doesn’t really ends well considering the tragedy brought by the typhoon and the flash flood, but life must go on! My family are still positive that beautiful things awaits us ahead. Well, I am so excited for this summer. Aside from the fact that our church will have our Family Camp to a place away from the city, my own family is also planning to have a summer getaway to a place where we could unwind and relieved ourselves from the stresses that we’ve been through. My ultimate wish was to travel again either back in Hongkong or Malaysia with my kids this time but we are on a tight budget right now. The tragedy that damages almost all our belongings made us to invest back to the basic again thus our supposed budget for this summer was consumed.

Talking about summer getaway, it is already widely known that Orlando, Florida is one of the world's most famous vacation spots. This place was blessed with so many tourist spots that It draws so many crowd not only during summer but on all holidays as well. Their famous Orlando Airport  Hotels attracts many travelers around the globe. They have their featured hotels to choose from. For a first class vacation get away, they have the Fountain Resorts. For those who will bring their kids along with them, they have Lake Eve with plenty of recreational activities. For extended stay vacations, Springhill Suites by Marriot is a smart choice. Residence Inn is also available if you need more space. Lastly, if what you need is a friendly hotel with good sized, well equipped rooms, Fairfield Inn & Suites is the one for you. Well, you can find the complete list of their hotels at If I get the chance to be at Orlando, I would love to stay to any of these hotels. It is my ultimate dream that one day, me and family will find ourselves indulging our summer at Orlando! What’s more exciting is that you’ll get the chance to avail their 4-day vacation packages for as low as $109.00 inclusive of visit to Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove and LEGO Land. Finger crossed, we’ll gonna conquer Orlando someday!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stress with marketing

When it comes to domestic works like marketing and household works, my wife is hands-on. When she was sick for two weeks, I was compelled to do all these things. I do not like going to the grocery … I do not know what to buy and what brands to choose. With the kids around I would surely be out of budget.
Back to my marketing, my eyes were fixed to the barcode scanners and the total amount rendered by the cashier. My kids were laughing and teasing me at my back. Whew! What a stress! Right then and there , I remembered my wife who really enjoyed going to the mall for her weekly marketing.

Mellow Yellow Monday



Healed from Dengue Fever

I need to be strong for my wife!

When her platelets was so low at 36k ( normal is 150k – 300k) , I was a little bit worried but I stood firm and let my faith worked for her encouragement. The doctor told me that she will be sent to the ICU with the platelet count continue to decrease or if her blood pressure will increase. My wife is not a sickly person, she was never been to a hospital for admission except when she delivered our two kids. My mom told me to find out more about her medical records like her allergic reactions to some medicines, their family medical history . I really do not know all about these but praise be to God, He answered my prayers. She was not sent to the ICU because her vital signs are all normal and after three days her platelet counts increased. Thank God for healing my wife.