Monday, March 12, 2012

Depression and it's cure

Lots of people in the world suffer from depression. It can be very   dangerous if proper treatment are not managed on time. Last December 16,2011 our city was hit by a Typhoon that caused flash flood  and landslide. Houses, vehicles and  other structures were washed out. It killed almost two thousand people and two   hundred more were missing. The catastrophe   left  many people  grieving ,losing  hope   and  felling  down .
Actually, we were victim of that killer flood. We lost everything we work for 16 years . Instead of lamenting over the tragedy    , we   looked at the good side of things. We thank God for saving us while  44 people in our subdivision died. We thank God for  our loved-ones, relatives and friends who helped us   financially , emotionally and spiritually. While we have moved-on easily some of those who were flood victims were still struggling  in picking-up the broken pieces of their lives. They need to seek medical help.

In the US and other western countries ,  prescription anti-depressant medicines  are  effective ways in  overcoming depression. There are also some who can be  bought  online just like the products of Herbal City LCC. Among their product lines that promise to give an energy boosting feeling is their Party Enhancers. They also have their Spiritual powder that has many variants plus their K6 Herbal Incense. Their products are 100% herbal and legal.  If only  these products are available in our country, it would surely be a  great help to those flood victims.