Thursday, March 22, 2012

God is greater than our problems!

Misery loves company and Problems come in bundles!

I heard this quote a hundred times from friends and relatives. I never expected it will happen to us. After a devastating typhoon hit our places , killed more than a thousand people , washed out houses and cars last December 16 , after we were displaced and took shelter in my mom's house... we all got sick .

For the whole month of February my wife was sick and for a week she was hospitalized due to Dengue Fever. It was her first time to be confined in the hospital ( except of course during giving birth to my two kids). Dengue is a fatal virus.. thank God my wife was saved though her blood platelet count was too low. Just last week, my son was hit by a motor bike while going home to our new residence. He was hospitalized due to minor fracture on his nose and arms. Thank God the X-ray result did not show any Sciatic ​Nerve Pa​in and H​erniated​ Disc ​. Of course, I was worried since the impact was so strong that the driver broke his arms and part of his shoulder. Thank be to God he was saved again!

Financially and emotionally we are drained but thank be to God for my mom and sisters who are always with me in times of crisis. Life is just like a wheel, sometimes you are up... sometimes you are down. We maybe at the lowest part of our lives for the last 3 months but I know and I am confident that God is rebuilding our lives . Like Job in the old testament , we should never give up . God is greater than any problem we faced. There is no problem too big, He can not solve.. There is no mountain too high He can not move.