Sunday, March 4, 2012

Healed from Dengue Fever

I need to be strong for my wife!

When her platelets was so low at 36k ( normal is 150k – 300k) , I was a little bit worried but I stood firm and let my faith worked for her encouragement. The doctor told me that she will be sent to the ICU with the platelet count continue to decrease or if her blood pressure will increase. My wife is not a sickly person, she was never been to a hospital for admission except when she delivered our two kids. My mom told me to find out more about her medical records like her allergic reactions to some medicines, their family medical history . I really do not know all about these but praise be to God, He answered my prayers. She was not sent to the ICU because her vital signs are all normal and after three days her platelet counts increased. Thank God for healing my wife.