Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Numia : The weight loss supplements

Everyone want to lose weight the easiest way, that is why diet pills are in-demand these days. The latest that hit the market today is NUMIA. .It promises to burn fat, provide energy, and control your appetite.

As what we know Diet Pills can be dangerous. Its side effects vary from one pill to another because they're all made from different ingredients. I read some numia side effects like it can dehydrate and is diuretic. Further, the Numia manufacturer warns not to use Numia if one is suffering from coronary heart disease, high blood pressure , hyperthyroidism, insufficiency of liver or kidney, hyperplasia , prostatic or glaucoma.”

So wht take the risk of this kind of weight loss supplement?


Martin said...

so nice when you see how people share their experiences in weight loss. I had so many problems as I am looking for small pills, medicines and other things but nothing helped me tack and sport. People take nutrients, diet and exercise, the combination of these three things will help you get rid of excess weight.