Friday, June 8, 2012

Holistin Intervention for Sendong Victims

Part of our summer youth projects is the Boot Camp. It is quite expensive and tiresome. We have to plan for 6 months and go into details from time to time. I said expensive since we have to hold this camp with 300 young people and most of them are victims of the recent typhoon that hit our city. Most of them lost their houses and some their loved ones. This is holistic intervention boot camp and we have to prepare for it to ensure a smooth and successful program. Preparing all those things we have to bring to a mountain resort 200 kilometers from our city is really a job to do. We have to pack a lot of things from the musical instruments to banners and other stuffs. One thing we find so practical to tuck those things is a steel clamp. Thank God for that invention! We all enjoyed the whole week of fun and educational to all those young people attending the camp. And all of them are looking forward to another year of adventure and fun!