Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Manny Pacquiao on being "Born Again"

This was my post in one of my FB groups regarding the allegation that their Protestant Pastors swarming around Pacquiao for money, perks  and that because of his new found relationship with God was the reason he now lost his  knocking-out power.

What made Manny Pacquiao the Icon in boxing are not his so called "knockouts" but his indwelling character as a gentleman inside and outside the ring, his generosity to people and even his sportsmanship as an athlete. Let's not be blinded by making such comments so unfair that we only see the negative side of Manny's deeds based on our "own" idea. I don't know if you will be given the chance to be close with Manny and be blessed too by his generosity. I don't know if you still could write an article such as this. If there's a truth to these so called "pastors", why not dig dipper to the reason and favors given to them by Manny instead of seemingly "sour graping" upon knowing and seeing his generosity? and by the way, boxing experts and analysts have a very different view of Manny's performance in boxing nowadays. Unlike yours, they still believe on his power, resilience, and masterful tactics as a fighter. But fortunately, Manny is more than a fighter....and you know that. Be in the shoes of Manny first before you can comment on his boxing style