Monday, July 16, 2012

CAMACOP Warning: Exposing the Dangers of G12

G12 has gained controversy for  many years now  among Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. It has caused division in one of the biggest church in our city. A friend shared this article on facebook  and found it worth re-posting here in my blog. I hope this would shed light those who are still confused whether to implement G12 to their churches or no.

(By Rev. Isaias F. Catorce – National Director / Evangelist & Apologist of the Ambassador For Christ International in the Philippines.)

(I am re-posting this article taken from for the information of interested church workers about the effect of the g12 movement not only in the christian and Missionary Alliance Church of the Philippines but possibly among the evangelical churches in the Philippines- FBilog)


The truth or falsity of a statement (in the Christian arena) must be governed by what Christ taught and what the Scripture says. It is my concern that this material be properly scrutinized if for no other reason because truth must prevail. The main purpose of this presentation is to arrest the minds and captivate the hearts of our CAMACOP (Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines – 2,300 organized churches all over the Philippines; CBAP has only 450+ local churches) leaders to make a proper statement about the G12 movement for the sake of its denomination’s heritage.
In my personal analysis, the G12 Movement, which embarks with EGR as its implementing method, is foreign to CAMACOP in terms of doctrines and practices. By and large G12 is cultic, divisive, and so dangerous that it can destroy one’s denominational distinctive. It does not teach the whole counsel of God, it enthrones its leaders center stage, and emphasizes more of experience, circumventing authentication from the Scripture.

Here are some sustaining arguments:

1. G12 is a movement authored by Cesar Castellanos who Pastors the International Charismatic Mission (ICM) in Bogota, Columbia which promotes a cell church strategy as alleged directly revealed truth from God to him. But we must be skeptical about it. In reality the revelation of God claimed by Cesar Castellanos to him is faulty because it is alleged Jesus trained 12 disciples reproducing Christ’s character in them. What about Judas? Since Christ’s character was not reproduced in Judas then the alleged revelation of God to Cesar Castellanos is faulty.

2. Like some other Charismatic and Faith Movements G12 has no Statement of Faith and governing Doctrines and Beliefs. The subtleties of the practices are governed by teachings that are not Biblically-sound (Example: In Castellanos’ book: “Success Leadership through the Government of 12″, page 24 on controlling what you wish to happen; page 286 on “Baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues”; page 300 on the misapplication of bearing the cross; page 306 on the subject of deliverance of past ties; and page 309 on Paul and Jacob’s encounter with God as determining factor for a fruitful leadership). We must understand that theology always determines strategy. EGR is a strategy that has a subtle form of twisted theology.

3. G12 is a real concept that has some worthy elements, albeit based on a faulty premise. In the first place, the number 12 in the Bible has no special or magical meaning. Jesus Christ never instructed his disciples that each of them must form 12 governing disciples. While discipleship is a divine command, G12 is not at all that Biblical pattern to imitate.
4. G12 anchors its program on God’s model of the 12 through which Jesus’ vision is reproduced (pp. 26, 27) and brings about supernatural powers in them. We argue however that from the beginning of time God performed miracles, signs and wonders notwithstanding the system or strategy we implement. After all, the 72 followers (not limited to twelve) commissioned by Jesus and sent them two by two (Matthew 10:1; Mark 6:7; Luke 10:1) did so many miracles.

5. The G12 model has stages of implementation called the Ladder of Success: Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send, just like ordinary discipleship methods. The big problem lies in the consolidation process which involves some teachings like forgiveness, breaking of curses, deliverance, inner healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit, which in the final analysis is Biblically, Scripturally and Theologically unsound. .

6. Implementing the model of G12 “requires abandonment of traditional methods and embarking on a totally different way” (p. 203). You are never free to adopt any little methods from others because as Cesar Castellanos said, “This will never work because the model of Twelve is very specialized, you either embrace it entirely, or you do not, there is no middle ground for compromise” (p.204). On the one hand absolute conformity to the teachings and methods is required while on the other hand discussions about doctrines are not allowed hence they are divisive (School of Leaders, course #12, level 2 “Principles for a dynamic and successful cell”). Does this sound familiar? Unlike Islam that prohibits translation of the Koran and interpretations by those outside Islamic circles, G12 prohibits investigation of their teachings even from amongst its own leaders and followers. Is G12 another Bible for Christians? CAMACOP are you ready to gamble with your denomination’s rich heritage?

7. G12 is very divisive. Leading proponent of the cell church, author Joel Comisky commenting on G12 said: “In a very real way, the G12 movement has separated themselves from the cell church movement, claiming to be God’s new wineskin for the last days. Listen to Ralph Neighbour ‘s appeal in a paper submitted to the cell Church Missions Network in November 2002, ‘The concept of building a multilevel marketing structure that peaks in the authority of a special Global Apostle with his handpicked assistants has now come into existence. Bedazzled by the promise of fast track growth for their congregations, pastors are kneeling to kiss the gold rings worn by the Apostles. At the same time, they are severing relationships with fellow cell church workers who are not among the devotees. In many parts of the world, painful reports are coming in about pastors who one or two years ago were very intimately involved in helping each other and working together in the cell movements in their cities but who now shun fellowship with others who did not bow to the Apostle’s strategy. “

8. G12′s emphasis is success. It emphasizes that success is determined by multitudes of converts and by taking possession of and conquering entire nations (pp. 311 ff.). Read Matthew 7:13-14; 22:14.

9. G12 is a kind of a Military Structure and Revolution. Political involvement is essential to transform society and institute God’s Laws on earth. Question: “Did Jesus come to rule the nations and set up the government of 12 giving a system of strict authoritarian leadership?” Gentile leadership (by subjugating) must never be perpetuated within the Christian circle (read Matthew 20:24-28). It is only upon Christ’s return in person that He will set up His Kingdom (read Matthew 19:28). Did Jesus use a pyramiding scheme of ruling from the top to control the entire Nation? Take this warning from the history of the Church during the 16th century. The Anabaptists led by “King John” (Jan Van Leiden) took full control of the whole city of Muster, Germany to declare independence against the Catholics and Lutherans by setting up his New Jerusalem. On June 22, 1535, the Lutherans and Catholics stormed the whole city of Muster that caused the bloody defeat of the Anabaptists.

10. G12 through EGR uses some “Coercive Mind Control Techniques” which by substance is a covert strategy of the false revival. Like some other Charismatic & Pentecostal Movements, it conducts hypnotic techniques and mystical manipulations by prolonged sessions of loud music, clapping, dancing, jumping, and rolling around, in a tiring breathtaking atmosphere until the person has lost consciousness and ultimately falls in a trance. But this is too much of human efforts falsely entering into the realm of the Supernatural. After all, a born again experience is Supernatural, but like Nicodemus, never are we taught by the Scriptures to acquire it by ritualistic and hypnotic means. Even the recorded Encounter with God experiences of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Paul was never done in coercive, hypnotic and ritualistic manners. Questions: “Will you value truth over excitement and faith over works?”

11. G12 through EGR welcomes any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual happenings as being from God; Examination of all these happenings is not encouraged. Truth is heavily undermined by experience. But, the Scripture must be the teacher and never a student of experience.

12. It is mandatory that every disciple in the G12 Movement must have Supernatural Power and the Spiritual DNA of Jesus. The G12 Movement emphasizes that “within each cell is carried the DNA, the genetic coding, or blueprint of life itself.” Whose DNA is this? we ask. It further explains, “the church began with Jesus calling the twelve to Him. His master plan was to create a small intimate fellowship of disciples around Him, pouring His life – His ‘DNA’ – into them. ” What then would you call a person who has the Supernatural Power and the Spiritual DNA of Jesus?

13. G12-designed authority is coercive and manipulative. Whatever the leader would say everybody must follow. It must be noted however that the antecedent to all other questions about living and thinking is the question: “By what authority?” Spiritual authority is something only God can have. Even in the evolution of church leadership it is only Christ who is the acknowledged head of every man, not the Disciples, Apostles, Bishops, Elders, or Deacons (1Cor. 11:3). Christian Leadership is never coercive or manipulative; it is marked by servant hood.

14. G12 is generally not a cult but is cultic. Cultic means essentially cult-like. It hence searches for a mystical experience; conducts manipulative activities; sets up control over every aspect of its members’ lives; prohibits scrutiny on its doctrines, teachings and experiences; and anchors its final authority on the 12 leaders.
What will happen to CAMACOP as a denomination if the structure of governance is replaced by the Governance of Twelve? Some might suggest, only a little of G12 and EGR would suffice the church. No way! You will be violating the most sacred vision of Cesar Castellanos. Remember, “Successful Leadership through the Governance of 12″ by Cesar Castellanos would only succeed if you fully implement his own methods.
Let us be aware that our spiritual needs can never be resolved by any presumed structural solutions. Instead of clamoring for fame and glory why can’t we step down to service, even to the extent of becoming unappreciated nobodies, martyrs, despised, weak, foolish, hungry, impoverished, maltreated, homeless, persecuted, slandered as Saint Paul said in 1st Corinthians 4: 9 to 13. I would rather be a nobody proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everybody no matter what the circumstances might be. After all, as we do the work of the ministry, God delights in our faithfulness rather than by our success (Matthew 25:21, 23; Rev. 2: 10).

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2. Kathryn Kuhlman – Became the best woman preacher of the world considered by Pentecostals “a star even after death” lived in a shadow of her role model, Aimee Semple McPherson. She loved ear expensive clothes, precious jewels, luxury hotels and first class travel and the DPCM notes her marriage to evangelist Burroughs A. Waltrip, who divorced his wife to marry Kathryn Kuhlman. Waltrip destroyed his family and devastated his followers.

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