Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Your Cellular Phone Vanity Number?

According to Chinese beliefs , numbers that ends in 1111 ,7777 and 8888 are lucky numbers. This is the reason why some telecommunication and transportation agencies are selling this what they called "smart numbers" at a costly price. A friend of mine wanted his plate numbers to be his name initials in combination of numbers 8888. He got his dream plate number at the amount 30x higher than the standard price. How about you? Are you willing to pay this much for a cellular phone or vehicle plate? What's your vanity number?


Chris martin said...

Many people believe in this number game and they spend lots of money for their favorite, or we can say for their lucky number. Recently my friend bought a vanity 800 number at the cost of $5000. He believes that the number he purchased is very lucky for him but I was quite surprised by his decision.