Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Isaiah John Ten yeras from now...

As I was looking for my lecture saved on my archives, I came across my son's write-up  below. Wow!  I was taken at the edge of my seat reading through the lines.  Read down below and you will be amazed too!

Work – I’m praying and looking forward to be in my junior years in Medicine ten years from now. I would like to specialize in Cardiology and Surgery. It would be a challenging years of my life but I’m determined to reach my dream with God’s help and my family as my inspiration. Being a doctor who helps the poor, the unfortunate and the underprivileged is part of my goal in life. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being an instrument so that other’ lives will be better by reaching out and helping others.

Family – Ten years from now, we are living in one of the Class A subdivision here in our city. We also might be living in Australia as we are considering migrating in the Land down under. My sister is also in her junior years of Law since this was her dream too. My dad and mom are not only active in their church work but also active as health buffs, still running marathons.

Love life – I’m 26 years old at this time and I will be planning to marry four years after if God willing at 30 years old. At 26, I will have a girlfriend who’s serving God faithfully, who loves her family and who is a virtuous woman. She might be a dentist, a Christian who’s not a Filipino (foreigner with blue eyes) or a musician since I love music too. That would be up to God whom I will marry then.

Church – I am still very much active in the church. I will still be involved in the Worship Ministry, Church planting (doing medical missions here and abroad). I and my sister will be active in every church activities and programs and we are also teaching the young people in the church the things we have learned from our leaders.  I might be a youth elder and my sister a youth deacon.