Friday, August 31, 2012

My Mom's Pill Organizer

My sister’s friend from the U.S. visited us last night and brought with him some “pasalubongs” gifts from her.  She called us two weeks ago and we talked for about an hour. I told her of the kitchen renovations we are doing and everything that’s happening here in our place. My sister has been working abroad for 12 years now and we missed her a lot. Her generosity in sending us gifts every four months would ease our longing to see her. Every Christmas, New Year, end of the school year for the kids and our birthdays, my sister would always send us a personal gift or token.

That call she made two weeks ago was to inform us that her friend will personally give us her gifts. When we opened the package last night, my dear sister has always a surprise for everyone. She bought my mom a black leather shoulder bag, a Pill Organizer  which my mom really want to buy, a gold necklace and rings for my wife, a silver necklace for our daughter, money for our son and an EcoMaster watch for me! Wow! We are all praying that God will continue to bless my sister with good health as she works with two jobs and that  God will always protect her and give her the desire of her heart.