Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Renovating our home with carpet tiles

We’re planning to give our home interiors a lease of fresh life. And we’re thinking of using a different kind of refreshing it. We are considered renovating our home flooring with carpet tiles sold in our local carpet store  here in our place. That would be a new idea for all of us since we have used vinyl tiles for our wooden floor. After our kitchen renovation, we considered revamping and restoring our house flooring since it’s been 10 years already when we replaced the old vinyl tiles. We have already changed the color of our walls, buying new cabinets, changed a few painting which my mom did and this time, it is the flooring that will get the new look. 

Our house, our ancestral home was built during the 70’s and it’s mostly made of wood. We seldom think outside the box to introduce something new, something a bit dramatic and unique this time, and we all agreed to put a fresh touch to our floor using carpet tiles. It would be a creative way to experiment and give our old house a new look this time. We all look forward to seeing a fresh ambiance in our living room, the master bedroom, the guest room and the kids’ rooms too. 

Are planning to give your home interiors a lease of fresh life, perhaps you need to look at its d├ęcor with a new perspective. Have you considered renovating your home flooring with carpet tiles?


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Carpet and Carpets said...

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