Thursday, August 30, 2012


1.    To help people achieve their goals. He/she seeks to help people win through: TEACHING and COACHING individuals so that they can do their best. They LISTEN to their people, PRAISE them, SUPPORT them, and REDIRECT them when they deviate from their goals.

2.    Constantly finding out what his/her people need to be successful. Rather than wanting them to please him/her, they are interested in making a difference in the live of their people and, in the process, impacting other people’s lives and the community as well.

3.    Do anything that is necessary to help his/her people win and accomplish their goals. If for any reason, a leader’s efforts fail to make a difference, for example, if the person is in a position that doesn’t match his/her skills (Different Leadership Style: Direct style (Frank, to the point), Intellectual style (Wants details and more discussion), Emotional style (more on soliciting ideas, sympathizing other people’s plight), Interpersonal style (very accommodating), and the Serving style (Servant leader), in a kind, humane way, try to redirect the person’s efforts where his/her skills may be better used.